9 Tools and Resources Every DIY Enthusiast Must Consider

There are so many things a qualified specialist should know how to do nowadays. The technology is developing so fast, and we have to learn even faster to stay competitive in the market. Below, we will tell you about valuable tools available online that will help you keep up.

To be more precise, in this piece, we are going to cover our Top-9 most practical online DIY tools that anyone can use to create beautiful and highly informative content:

  • FormsPal
  • Prezi 
  • Chart Tool
  • Crello 
  • LogoFury
  • Vectr
  • Visme
  • LightShot
  • Quotes Cover


Completing paperwork is one job we do almost every day, and it is a troublesome one. The legal language and style are usually pretty complicated for someone who didn’t study law. Most people find legalese challenging to comprehend, which is one reason why lawyers are so expensive. Luckily for most of us, there are special platforms and tools that can help us fill out all of the needed legal forms without delving into the subject of law.

FormsPal.com has an extensive database of legal documents and form templates verified by licensed lawyers and accompanied by DIY online tools to edit and customize the files. The platform is pretty handy. The service is very reliable: its users have completed over 1 million legal forms and saved roughly 362 million dollars on legal expenses. FormsPal provides illustrated filing guidelines and explains how to fill out the fields.


If you have ever done a project presentation, you will probably agree that a great presentation constitutes at least 50% of the success. That is why you need to take your time to think through and prepare a decent presentation by all rules of a public appearance, and Prezi will help you do this.

Prezi is an online platform that offers its users free tools and templates for creating animated presentations with various visual effects. Tired of boring Powerpoint slides? Want to impress your boss or new investors? You can get a Starter or Pro account at Prezi and create DIY futuristic presentations with charts, timelines, and interactive schemes.

The company has developed over the last couple of years, so now they also offer Prezi Video and Prezi Design tools for editing videos and creating visuals.

Chart Tool

From the previous section, you are probably wondering what DIY tool you can use to create charts and tables to make your presentation more informative. Wonder no more because we have an ultimate suggestion for you Online Chart Tool.

The website has an easy to use intuitive interface, so even an average user will be able to figure it out quickly. The Chart Tool uses drag-and-drop technology, so ensure you have a sensitive mouse for a more convenient and fast work process.

The developers work for donations; they do not have a subscription plan. Plus, they offer their new users a 7-day free trial period so that you could get acquainted with the interface and the website’s capacities. 


If you want to create outstanding visuals that people would look at and remember, you need to try Crello. With this online editor, you can add or remove backgrounds, insert videos, music, and animations to your pictures, be it postcards, advertisements, an online post on social media, or any other digital representation tools.

We all have had a lot of Zoom meetings lately. There is the next meeting in 10 minutes, and you did not have enough time to clean up and are afraid everyone will see the mess around you? With Crello, you can create your unique Zoom background for official and semi-official meetings. Plus, you can work jointly as a team on the project and share your results online.


The services of professional designers might be way too expensive at times. If you have basic editing skills and a conceptual understanding of what you want, you can use LogoFury to create and customize your company’s logo. All you need to do is get an online account, enter your company’s name and choose the business category. The online template generator will provide you with suggestions, and you may pick the one you like the most.

In most cases, people need their logo in different variations depending on the format. We can put it on clothes, official documents, business cards, presentations, and souvenir products. LogoFury allows you to customize the final result for different sizes and formats. It is a fantastic asset because most online logo-building tools and platforms will charge you extra for this array of functions. 


Vectr is probably the most popular online tool for designers (both beginners and pros) and other DIY enthusiasts working with graphics. This platform is meant for 2D images and objects, and you will not find a better tool for the job.

The final product quality is crucial, and anyone who has worked with online graphic editors knows that. This software allows its users to edit visuals without losing the precious resolution. People love Vectr for a good reason: the developers have used mathematical calculations instead of well-known pixels, which is how they won quality and their place on the market. The website’s interface is intuitive and relatively simple, and they provide a user manual for beginners to navigate.


We have gradually come to get you acquainted with possibly the most multidimensional online DIY on our list. Visme is not just a tool; it is a whole workshop for designing, editing, creating, and branding. If you are involved in the product placement industry, you will find this tool especially handy.

Social media plays an important part in our lives. With so much content nowadays, you have to stand out for people to pay attention, and Visme knows how to do that. You can create entirely interactive content here: design bright social posts and mount short videos. The tool can also handle some light animation. It might lack capacity in some instances, but since we are talking about DIY and not professional animation-making, Visme does its job nearly perfectly.  


We all have had situations when we need to take a screenshot and edit it right away: make notes on the sidelines, underline some essential info, or point to mistakes and weak spots. One needs a quick and convenient editor for that. May we present you LightShort, the fastest and most simple screenshot taker out there.

LightShot offers its users an online editing platform and a PC extension, so you may choose whatever you like. The web page allows you to download the screenshots for free, and with the PC extension, you will be able to take screenshots and save them on your desktop automatically. Thus, in our opinion, the PC app is a bit more thought through. But again, everybody has different working preferences. 

Quotes Cover

If you want to add topicality to your work, you need some references. There is nothing better to do the job than a good topical quote by a famous philosopher, politician, writer, or artist. Google knows everything (well, almost), but it will take you ages to find the right quote.

Instead of wasting your time searching the web, you can use Quotes Cover and make it into a picture, a sticker, or a note and insert it in your presentation. The quote will definitely attract attention to your piece. You may use this resource for journalistic purposes and texts as well.

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