6 Amazing Attractions in Europe to Add to Your Travel List


When it comes to beautiful places, Europe has a lot to offer. It is not always easy to fit everything in, however, especially when there is so much to see! The easy answer to this is to fit in only the very best of Europe, so that you can see what the diverse and beautiful continent has to offer. 

If you are planning a trip to Europe, here are six incredible attractions you cannot miss.

1The Eiffel Tower – Paris, France 

It would not be a Europe attractions list without the Eiffel Tower. If you plan on spending some time in France, make sure you get yourself to the Champs de Mars to see it in person. The view from below is sublime, but if you want to experience the best of it, climb the tower and take in the picturesque sight of Paris. 

Paris is not a cheap city, so make the trip a little easier on yourself by hunting for cheap flights and looking up short term parking Newark airport – you could find yourself an excellent deal!

2The Tower of London – London, England 

If you like places with a little bit of dark history, then Her Majesty’s Royal Palace is the place for you. Located amidst the busy city and right next to the River Thames, the Tower of London once stood as a place of torture, imprisonment and execution, and is the place where both Henry VI and Anne Boleyn met their grim ends. It might be a chilling visit, but it is also endlessly interesting!

3The Blue Lagoon – Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

The blue lagoon is a scene of pure beauty. This geothermal spa allows you to soak in the pure, milky blue water, giving you peace while warming your body. There are plenty of outstanding retreats and hotels nearby, so you are sure to experience a relaxing getaway when you head to the South West of Iceland.

4The Neuschwanstein Castle – Schwangau, Germany 

Location on a hill surrounded by lusciously green trees, the Neuschwanstein Castle looks like it was plucked straight from a fairy tale book. It even inspired Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle! 

By visiting this 19th Century castle, you get the chance to take in the picturesque outside, as well as peruse the romantically decorated rooms. Plus, it is only an hour from Munich, so you could tie it into a German city break.

5The Colosseum – Rome, Italy 

The colosseum is interesting in that it is a piece of ancient history amidst the bustling city of Rome. It was built between 72 and 80 A.D, and was used to host events such as chariot races and gladiator battles! These days, you will not find men fighting to the death, but you will get to stand in the place where history was made. Once you are finished there, Rome has a lot more to offer

6The Acropolis of Athens – Athens, Greece 

Another beautiful place steeped in ancient history is the Acropolis of Athens. Dating back to the 5th Century BC, this now partly destroyed building was once the home of Athena, who was the Patron Goddess of Athens. 

If you visit now, you will need to climb uphill for around fifteen minutes, but the historic view is more than worth it. Make sure to do some reading about Athens before you visit, as it will make the trip a whole lot more exciting!