5 Reasons You Should Consider Living on Campus


Many colleges have on-campus residences. As a student, you can choose to rent a house outside campus, live at home if the college is in your state, or live on campus. 

On-campus residences have many benefits and allow better access to facilities like libraries and resident advisors. Students living on campus also get better opportunities to form friendships with their peers and network. It enables learners to participate in various on-campus organizations and events that can enrich their college experience. 

If you are wondering whether living on campus is a good fit, here are the reasons you should pick the option. 

1Better Academic Performance 

Campus life comes with many challenges. You have to juggle your personal and academic life and remember to take care of your mental and physical health. Thanks to online services where you can ask experts to write an essay for me, you can achieve more balance and cater to your academic demands. 

Staying on campus can increase the probability of academic success amid the pressure surrounding you. Studies have shown that on-campus residence has benefits for academic performance. 

For instance, the nearby libraries can come in handy. Living on campus gives you an opportunity to attend them during office hours and discuss assignments and coursework with your instructors. In addition, you are more likely to participate in study groups. But if you are overwhelmed with assignments, look through EssayService reviews on EssayReviews.com and ask for help to get more time for all these activities. 

Staying on campus with other students is the best way to form great study habits and stay motivated. Academics also become integral to your dorm life, making you better prepared for exams and accelerating your performance. 

2Access to Resources 

There is a wide range of resources that you can take advantage of in college. An on-campus residence gives students access to a plethora of helpful materials when needed. Most colleges have 24-hour computer labs and libraries, which you can utilize anytime. 

Whether it is peer tutoring, advisors, study spaces, or even health services, it is easier to access them while living on campus. 

You can get endless opportunities when living on campus to save your time and effort and make your experience in college great. 

3No Commute 

Studies show that most students with long commutes have lower average grades, which is one of the negative effects of commuting. According to related research, students who commute are more likely to drop out of college than those who live in on-campus residences. 

The more time you spend on the road, the less time you have left for studies, participation in college organizations, and working with peers. This can affect your overall performance and weigh down on your college experience. 

You can also save your money by living on campus. For instance, it cuts gas expenses. Plus, an on-campus residence is usually less expensive than renting an apartment. 

Balancing the demands of commute and academic obligations is often challenging for students. Living on campus reduces a lot of stress that comes with commuting, like the time spent on the road and the money spent on fuel. 

Yet, note that some campuses charge parking, which creates additional student expenses. Other colleges do not allow cars on campus, which comes with the additional stress of finding somewhere to park. 

4An Opportunity to Connect With Other Students 

Students who live off-campus or at home take longer to build relationships with their peers, which means on-campus residences have positive outcomes for socialization. 

Since it gives students more access to school events, facilities, and other resources, they have an easier time and more opportunities to connect with their peers and faculty staff. 

They can form social bonds that help them deal with homesickness and improve their academic habits. The connections can become valuable networks even after graduation. If you are keen on forming bonds and making friends, you have a better chance if you live on campus. 

Living with diverse groups also enhances your social awareness and broadens your perspective, allowing you to enrich your campus experience and transition better to the outside world. 


The other benefit of living on campus is security. Campuses provide security personnel to ensure students living within the school premises are protected. 

If you are concerned about safety when living away from home, an on-campus residence is a more suitable option than off-campus apartments. This is because the security personnel is equipped to respond quickly to emergencies and prevent misconduct. 

You can use different facilities at school any time, even at night, without the fear of being attacked as the security personnel is positioned in all the academic buildings. 

The colleges have also gone the extra mile to install security infrastructures such as CCTV cameras and blue light systems to help them manage unusual activities within the school compound. 


When you live on campus, you have very little to worry about. Your safety will be taken care of, and you will not have to handle expensive rent or fuel expenses. 

Living in school residence halls is convenient and allows you access to resources that will make your campus life exciting. And the best part is that it will help you excel academically.