Dear Moms, You Have 22 Reasons To Never Leave Dad Alone With The Kids!


Dear Moms, you have 22 reasons to never leave dad alone with the kids! Trust us, all these reasons are for real, and they happen everywhere in the world where dads are left alone with the children. Still want to leave dad alone with the kids?

Mothers everywhere, we can honestly say that you have all the right reasons to never leave dad alone with the kids ever again!

Let’s face it, boys will be boys even when they have kids of their own, and men tend to get (let’s say) distracted with every meaningless (from a mother’s point of view) activity that pops-up in their heads. It’s genetic, men can’t help it!

A lot of parents fail at parenting, but let’s face it, fathers are the worst (most of the times!) so this is why these reasons to never leave dad alone with the kids should finally make a statement.

22 reasons to never leave dad alone with the kids!

1. Dad reliving his college days
2. His wife told him that it wouldn’t hurt if he picked up the vacuum cleaner from time to time.
3. “Your mom said to always keep an eye on you!” (It looks like the other way around)
4. “Take the baby with you”, she said. “It will be fun”, she said.
5. “Finished shopping. Now if I can just find the baby, we can leave”
6. Apparently, they started making subway seats much more comfortable
7. “I swear the kindergarten was here somewhere…”
8. This Dad never misses a bachelor party
9. The beauty of life’s lessons 
10. Definitely wearing the wrong glasses that day

So, did we get your attention? Still not convinced of these reasons to never leave dad alone with the kids? Do you desperately want to see more dads failing at parenting? Then here you go!

11. “What is it, doctor? Boy or girl?” “You’re lucky, sir! It’s a pet!”
12. “Let me just lick that and we’ll be on our way”
13. “It’s a though world out there, son!”
14. Being a Dad is no excuse for being out of shape!
15. This Dad ain’t no role model. I mean, look at that hair!
16. Sure! Let’s go outside and play!
17. Do you like the strange looking doggy?
18. “Dad, are you sure this is why Mom sent us to the store?”
19. To be fair, nothing can actually happen to him right now.
20. Well, he did say he will always support him no matter what…
21. Boys will be boys.
22. At least in the end, they all get what they deserve.