10 Ways to Look Smarter On LinkedIn #Infographic

We already know that today’s LinkedIn is the biggest part of social media and most of professionals are using LinkedIn for personal and business use. If you are miss this platform then you will lost your business in future, now I am sharing you the best LinkedIn infographic where you will get 10 best LinkedIn tips for make smarter on LinkedIn.

#1 First Impressions Matter
According to Linkedln, a profile with a photo is 11X more likely to be viewed. Always have a Linkedln photo that reflects your profession because it helps buyers paint a better picture of who you are.

In fact, if you’re using the default silhouette photo, we’ll all just assume you’re a superhero with a secret identity.

#2 Stunts on Your Headline
Imagine this as your miniature elevator pitch that communicates the value you provide as a professional. Entice users to read further by answering these questions, “who do you help?” and “how do you help them?”

Unless you are a straight-up ninja, guru, or a certified genius then refrain from rocking these outrageous job titles.

#3 Joins the Cool Kids Club
Make sure to join relevant Linkedln Groups where your prospects are because it can give you a platform to post content and engage further. Exchange knowledge with members by asking questions and responding.

Don’t do this: Wait for the second someone starts a compelling topic and respond immediately with “I was just about to post that!” or “I completely agree.”

#4 Got Eyecandy?
Use the multimedia feature in your Linkedln Profile to visually highlight your value.

You’ll appear a lot smarter by posting cat photos. Why? Because who doesn’t love cat photos? No, really maybe not cat photos but try to post relevant industry content such as video, graphics, reports and presentations.

#5 Get To the Point
Refrain from sending long introductions that sound more like the Oscar acceptance or best man speeches. Be personal, authentic and cut to the chase on why you’re writing.

Just don’t shorten it by abbreviating every word in your InMail message: TL;DR, FYI, TTYL, ASAP, YTD, OMG.

#6 Brag about How Many Connections You Have
Your colleague has 500 connections? Then remind him about how you have 1500 connections. A good rule to follow is to just triple their number.

But seriously, don’t be afraid to connect and grow your network. Connect with people and create win-win relationships.
“You have 500 Connections? Well I have triple that.”

#7 Creep Those Who Creeped You
Check who viewed your Linkedln Profile daily as part as your Social Selling routine. You may have a potential prospect checking your profile, so use it as an opportunity to engage.

Then continue to creep them every hour to make sure they really saw you viewing their profile too.

#8 Timing Matters
Send In Mail Messages and respond diligently to potential prospects when they’re available. Use best practices and optimized times to your advantage.

Send messages in the middle of the night to really show your dedication. Post at 4:23 AM and your potential prospects will complete the deal with you the second you “wake up” just because of your hard-work.

#9 Start Conversations with Content
Build your online influence by posting content that presents value. You want to build your thought leadership by showing that you have many ideas to share with your network.

It’s lunch time and you’re hungry? Don’t post it. You missed your bus? Don’t post it. You can’t reach an itchy spot on your back? Don’t post it.

#10 Kills the Buzz Words
Remember: No need to wow your prospects with overused buzzwords. If you’re a professional who’s motivated, passionate, creative and driven, well guess what? So is everyone else on Linkedln, even your prospects.

So if you’re a responsible, strategic expert who has extensive experience and great track records then refresh your summary to stand out.

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