10 Best Way to Make Your Website Rank Higher in 2020


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Irrespective of the design of your page, quality of your content, or a wonderful portfolio for that matter, if your page lacks the essential optimum level of search engine optimization, there are chances that your website won’t rank higher in the search rankings. Keyword optimization is one way through that can increase your website ranking; however, you should be aware of the fact that search engines rate the relevance of keywords along with the metadata. The more the users will visit your website, the more will be the traffic on it. So, make sure to put good enough content on your website to attract more viewers.

Nevertheless, Keyword optimization is one way of increasing ranking. The other ways are listed below. Let’s take a look.

1. Page Load Time

This is one of the most important factors that should be taken into consider by every website owner. It’s quite frustrating when a page takes a lot of time to get loaded. Moreover, Google also takes into account the page load time while ranking your website. In order to ensure reduced page load time, you should make sure that the backend code is streamlined. You can also reduce the number of plugins and the number of redirects, in order to ensure a fairly higher rank in search results.

2. Website Usability

Effectiveness is one vital factor that must be considered. This means that the content on your website should be relevant enough for the users so that the users stay on your website; else they navigate away to other websites, thereby dropping your website ranking. Besides this, there must be call-to-action button on your website, so that users find it quick and easy to be used. If the users find it difficult, there are fewer chances that they will stay on your website. Most of the users quickly move away if they don’t find what they have been looking for.

3. Image optimization

Using good quality images on your website is a sure way to drive more traffic and increase conversion rate. Having good quality images on the website will help you build trust and generate empathy among your users. In this way you can enhance the overall user experience and garner more traffic.

4. Layout and Formatting Matters

Writing an informative content is important, but what is more important is its layout and format. The more readable your content will be the more users will stay on your website. A well-formatted blog can drive more traffic to your website and thereby increase your ranking. The best way to write a well-formatted content is by using a readable font, including points and short paragraphs and the use of bold or italics on words which require more attention.

5. Update Content Regularly

If your website doesn’t have updated content, Search engine would notice it and won’t see your website as good enough to be ranked higher. However, if you keep your website up-to-date and add fresh current regularly, Search engines would immediately notice this and increase your website ranking.

6. Strong Domain Name

Though it’s not as strong a factor as it used to be, however search engines still look at the power of the domain name. Moreover, adding a keyword in the domain name can prove to be even more advantageous.

7. Social Networking

Social platforms offer a great way to promote a website. However, it is unsure that how much it will affect your website ranking. Facebook, Instagram & TikTok marketing can be highly beneficial. Also make sure to create social friendly content in order to drive a great deal of traffic on your website. Add images and content with crisp and catchy titles.

8. No Broken Links

Broken links on a website cause search engine to rethink before giving your website a higher rank. Therefore, you must make sure that there are no broken links on your site and ensure a regular audit. This would allow search engines to rank your website at the top of the search results.

9. Mobile Friendly and Responsive

In today’s time, maximum users use mobile for searching what they want. So, even Google ranks your website higher if it is mobile friendly. A mobile friendly website creates great user experience and is seen in good terms by the search engines.

10. Link worthy Sites

Last but not the least, offering links to other websites for in-depth information on your own site increases the relevancy of the content on your site. Google takes it as a good signal and increase SEO ranking. These links are also called as outbound links, and it is surely a great way of improving ranking on search results.

If you are by any chance missing any of the above-mentioned points, it’s time to implement it in order to improve your website ranking. Even the best SEO Company would give you the same advice. So follow these ways to get your website rank higher.