Where to find Missouri State Lottery Results Online

Playing lottery games is a fun activity that has gained global popularity due to its lucrative potential. Currently, more than half of American citizens engage in state lottery draws, spending a monthly average of $86 on tickets. Although many players engage a combination of tricks and strategies to land the winning tickets, lotto games are mainly based on luck and chance.

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Since 1986, the government of Missouri has been running the Missouri Lottery and channeling the proceeds towards boosting public education within the state. There’s a variety of lotto games to choose from. Once you play, ensure you check out these Missouri Lottery Results to find out the winning numbers.

What lottery games can you play?

There’s a vast array of Missouri lottery games that adults can play. Scratch cards, for instance, are sold in different locations around the state – from sports arenas to gas stations. These scratchers are affordably priced, making them a popular choice for players. Expensive cards provide better winning odds and come with bigger prizes.

“Show Me Cash” is another common lotto game in Missouri. To play, you’re first required to pick five lucky numbers. Several draws are made and the winning numbers are picked between 1 and 39. Winners are awarded brilliant jackpots that start from $50,000 and increase gradually until all five numbers are matched.

The Missouri Lotto

Players can also try out their luck in the “Missouri Lotto”, a brilliant lottery game that offers huge jackpots starting from one million dollars. Draws are made on Wednesdays and Saturdays where six numbers that lie between one and forty-four are selected. If four of your six chosen numbers match the winning numbers, you automatically win a cash prize.

Other popular lottery games in Missouri include Powerball, Mega Millions and Cash4Life. These games provide big rewards with each game costing $1 or $2, making them reasonably sound investments. The proceeds gathered from all Missouri Lottery games go towards a good cause since they fund public learning initiatives, support state businesses and improve the livelihoods of residents.

Lottery regulations in Missouri

The Missouri Lottery Commission was established in the late ‘80s to govern and regulate the state Lottery. This commission consists of five key members who are appointed by the Missouri governor. Apart from setting standards and encouraging fair play, this governing body ensures that all cash prizes are transferred to the rightful winners.

Playing lotto games can be richly entertaining and rewarding for any player. However, financial experts often advise pikers to only gamble the money they can afford to lose. Simply put, don’t use all your income or savings to play lottery games. The beauty of participating in the Missouri Lottery is how affordable the tickets are. Players also get a deep sense of satisfaction in knowing that their money is being utilized for noble causes.


Playing lottery games is not only an excellent way to test your gambling luck but also an entertaining engagement for adults. Better yet, the winnings are certainly worth it.

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