The Best Heating For Pet Lovers


When the skies turn from blue to grey and leaves litter the ground, you’ll probably start thinking about turning on the heating. However, it’s not just us humans that are affected by the chillier weather, your beloved pets can feel the cold too. There are lots of different heating solutions from heated pads to column radiators and it can be hard to pick the best one. We’ve broken down the options for you and compiled a list of the best heating for pet lovers. 

1Underfloor Heating

Not only is underfloor heating a dream on your icy feet, but it can also be perfect for pets to snooze on. There’s no danger of them chewing an electrical wire either so it’s great if you have house rabbits or decide to let your guinea pigs out for some floor time. All you need to do to ensure maximum toastiness is pop their favourite bed in a cosy spot, and the underfloor heating will keep them nice and content for hours. Do be aware of overheating your pets though as they can’t tell you if they’re feeling a bit too warm. Make sure to check on them regularly and adjust the heat if needed. 

2Horizontal Column Radiators

A horizontal column radiator will easily heat the whole room to ensure your pet is kept warm and snug. Cats have been known to perch themselves on top of a short column radiator too, so it’s a good idea to not leave them on too high when you’re not there. The radiators shouldn’t get too hot to cause a burn, but it’s always best to check the temperature before letting them jump up to warm their paws.  

3Electric Radiators

If you’re away during the day, you’ll still want to make sure your pet is as warm as they can be while you’re not there. Electric radiators often come with an app that gives you the ability to control your heating remotely. This means you can turn the heat up for your furry friends and turn it off if the weather changes. It’s also handy if you’ve taken your dog out for a walk in the blustery winds and want to make sure your house is well heated by the time you get back. 

4Vertical Column Radiators

This type of radiator will ensure your pets can get too close to it when you’re away. Being nearly the height of the whole wall, it’s pretty impossible for your pet to make its way on top of it while you’re not there to supervise. These tall radiators give off more heat which in turn, heats the room up quicker for you and your pet. They also don’t take up as much room as two radiators would, but they give off a similar amount of heat. More space means more room for your pet to run around too! 

No matter the weather you want to make sure your pet is comfortable and keeping them warm is no difficult task when you have a great heating system.