Portable Bongs: Here’s Why You Should Opt for Them


Several types of bongs are available in the market, but one particular style is gaining massive popularity. Portable bongs are simple to use, effective in their purpose, and can easily be carried around due to their small size.

A portable water pipe that fits into your pocket sounds too good to be true? The fact is, they are real, and they are available for you to purchase. These bongs might be inexpensive, but they offer higher efficiency and convenience compared to various other types of bongs.

People use various devices to smoke their favorite dry herbs or tobaccos. According to reports, North America is the largest market in terms of value in the global cannabis vaporizers market.

The following article will explain how a portable bong works and the benefits of buying one:

1What are Portable Bongs?

Portable bongs are also called hand pipes; they are simple in design and easy to use. These devices come in various types of materials, shapes, and sizes. They can be kept in your pocket or purse with ease and used when required.

There are different portable bongs available in the market, with various features. Some models are straightforward and only have one hole for inhaling, while others have additional spots to control airflow.

Some standard models are:

  •     Spoon Pipes
  •     Chillum
  •     Dube
  •     G-Spotter

Many types of these portable bongs are equipped with a glass bowl on one end, through which you put your dry herbs or tobacco. On the other side is the carb hole that allows you to control the airflow. The fumes produced are inhaled through the mouthpiece on top of it.

2How Do Portable Bongs Work?

Not all portable bongs work similarly, but they have standard features that apply to most models. A group of people hold them against their lips and then light up the dried herbs or tobacco placed in the bowl. Once burnt, they inhale the smoke produced using their lungs and throat.

Some of these hand pipes have carb-holes that control airflow, allowing people to quickly produce a lot of smoke before exhaling them through the mouthpiece. 

You can also remove the bowl from most models of portable bongs and then store the contents in a container.

3Benefits of Buying Portable Bongs

There are several benefits to purchasing portable bongs instead of standard glass bongs. Here are some of them:

Easy to Carry Around

Are you planning for a trip but are unsure whether you will find smoking areas during your trip? If so, it is best to opt for portable bongs. These devices are small enough to fit in pockets or bags with ease. Plus, they can be cleaned quickly and efficiently as well.

Highly Durable

Just because portable bongs are inexpensive doesn’t mean they aren’t durable. They can be dropped or bumped into things without breaking, unlike glass bongs which can easily break if handled roughly. Additionally, their small size makes it easier to hold and use them with precision.


Are you looking for a cheap portable bong? If so, check out the types of portable bongs available in the market. They are inexpensive compared to other devices, and their price gets even lower during special offers.

Multiple Features

Although portable bongs have initially been designed for smoking weed, they can be used for other substances. Some types of these bongs feature carb-holes that allow people to produce bubbles quickly, which can then be inhaled and exhaled before finally throwing them out.

Helpful for Quitting Alcohol

Do you want to quit drinking alcohol but are having trouble doing so? Portable bongs can help with that. They work like water pipes, which means that the smoke produced will be cooled before inhaled. This cooling effect can reduce the impact of intoxication caused due to chemicals in wine, beer, and other types of drinks. Hence, these devices can help you quit alcohol easily.

Comes in a Variety of Shapes and Colors

Standard glass bongs come in round or square shapes, while portable bongs are available in unique designs and colors.

Some models have carb-holes shaped like animals, while others feature glass bowls with exciting designs. Plus, several types of plastic bongs are available in yellow or purple colors that look great.

4Tips to Maintain Your Portable Bong

Cleaning your device is one of the most important things that you need to do, especially if you want it to look new for a long time. All you need to do is soak it in a cleaning solution for a few hours and then rinse with water until any traces of the chemical are removed. It is simple to handle and use.