Solar Screen Kits and Why Your Home Needs Them

Some of the most populated cities across the United States happen to also be some of the hottest places to be during the summer. With temperatures that regularly climb above 100, summer can wreak havoc not only on our bodies outside but within our home. We should be able to enjoy the safety and comfort of an A/C cooled home when temperatures soar to such high numbers. 

No doubt, those who live in cities within the states of Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas can attest to how hot it can get during the height of summer and just how hard their air conditioners must labor to keep a home cool. When the A/C unit is pushed to such extremes, energy bills soar, and cost becomes excessive. Worse, if you live in these areas without air conditioning, it may almost feel unbearable inside the shelter of your home. 

What can be done to ease some of the burden on your central A/C or A/C unit? How can you lower energy costs or the temperature in your home? Is there a cost-effective way to do these things and to stay within your budget? 

Thankfully, there is, with the use of solar screen kits. These affordable solutions are an excellent solution for many of the issues Americans living in the hottest states of the country encounter. Today, we’ll answer some common solar screen questions and go into why your home needs them. 

What are Solar Screens? 

Solar screens are light-blocking screen panels that can be placed on your window. These specially designed screens deflect the brightness of the sunlight that creates both heat and glare, which then enters your home. Solar screens have many fantastic benefits and can affect the amount of sunlight and UV rays coming into your home far better than regular window screens. 

What are Solar Screen Kits? 

Usually, when you upgrade or replace a window screen, this involves either removing the entire frame of the window screen, then prying the screen from the frame, then cutting and replacing the screen with screen spline and specialized tools, finishing the task by placing the frame and window screen back onto the window. 

In some cases, homeowners might notice during their attempt at replacements or upgrading that the entire screen frame has corroded over time, has become bent, or worse, is too damaged to be reused. There is also the issue of old window screens screen spline becoming brittle and disintegrating, making the entire process of replacing a single-window screen more complicated than ever. 

You could, of course, individually purchase everything and do it yourself, with the price of screening, specialized tools, plus purchase the spline. Or, you could purchase every single thing you need as well as the specialized solar material fit to your window and available in solar screen kits

Solar screen kits include: 

  • Precisely cut, quality-made frames according to your window size. 
  • Custom color choices for frames, such as white, bronze, silver, tan, or champagne. Neutral colors that are used by interior and exterior designers blend seamlessly with home décor and can improve the curb appeal of any home. 
  • Custom color choice for the solar screen meshes itself, such as black, brown, grey, stucco, dark bronze, and beige. Not only giving you added curb appeal along with your new frames but giving your home a touch of individuality and uniqueness with screen color choices. 
  • Ability to add a crossbar if needed, for extra-large screen needs adding support to keep the screen taut. 
  • Every part is needed for the screen, including hardware. 

A solar screen kit is perfect for those who like to DIY, saving the cost of having to hire a window treatment professional or the mounting cost of every single supply needed. The only thing you need to do with custom solar screen kits is cut the frames yourself. 

Why You Need Solar Screen Kits

We’ve already mentioned how convenient and cost-effective purchasing and putting together a solar screen kit is. But what other benefits are there? Let’s take a look: 

  • Lasts anywhere from 10, upward to 15 years, making them a solid home investment.
  • Keeps the heat out. Far better than any window tint, as window tint does not stop heat from hitting the glass in your windows in the first place. A large portion of sun-generated heat radiates through the tint and the glass. The best way to prevent this is to prevent the heat from hitting the glass entirely, which solar screens do.
  • The best types of solar screens are Twitchell’s Textilene in 80% and 90%. Both have the same color and custom options, while the percentages represent just how many UV rays they block. 90% has a tighter weave than 80%, thus blocking more UV rays than the 80%.
  • Solar screens still allow you to enjoy the view from your windows. Visibility is only marginally lowered but does not block entirely. Visibility is only reduced when attempting to investigate the home from the exterior, which means solar screens are also excellent for added privacy.
  • Reduction of UV rays means a reduction of heat, as well as a reduction of sun damage that happens to curtains, carpets, painted walls, and furniture as too much exposure to sunlight causes fading and damages. Plus, less heat means your A/C works less, lowering your utility bills and prolonging the life of your A/C.

Are solar screen kits worth it then? With the leap in lowered utility costs, additional privacy, protection for your home’s interior and home décor, and the ease of construction, they are absolutely a worthy investment for you and your home. With all their benefits, if you have been on the fence about purchasing solar screen kits for your home this is a definite sign that the time to wait is over. Save yourself money, time, and heat with solar screen kits.

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