Should You Consider Joining A Plumbing Franchise?


When you want to start a plumbing business, there are several really important decisions you have to make. The truth is the franchised business model does have some clearly appealing features. They are very similar to what you see with electrical contractors and HVAC contractors. The business system does have a clear appeal, buying power, software, training, marketing system, and brand recognition. 

But, is joining a plumbing franchise for you or not?

The truth is that plumbing franchising systems do work. However, they are not suitable for absolutely every single person interested in this career option. Everything boils down to the advantages and disadvantages of joining a plumbing franchise. You practically need to consider them all so that you can make the best possible choice for yourself. 

1Plumbing Business Franchise – Advantages

  • A fully-written business model – You do not have to worry about creating a business plan since it is already done for you.
  • Brand recognition – People most likely already know the plumbing franchise.
  • Possible software – Sometimes available with some franchises.
  • Marketing programs – Basically, this means that your marketing is already taken care of for you through a plan you can follow.
  • Exclusive territory – This means you will usually get all the calls the franchise receives in a specific area so worrying about the competition is not as important.
  • Vendor alliances – This increases buying power.
  • Training – Plumbing franchises always offer some sort of training so that you can easily manage your business.

2Plumbing Business Franchise – Disadvantages

  • Large upfront costs – In some cases, this can even sum up to tens of thousands of dollars, or even hundreds of thousands. You need this before you even open the business.
  • Royalties – These are ongoing. Usually, you need to pay a percentage (four to 10 percent of your gross revenue). This can quickly add up.
  • Long term agreements – A franchise agreement is usually 10 years or more.

A very important disadvantage you need to be aware of is that you will own the business. You do assume all the risks. However, you do not choose how you will operate the business. For instance, in the event that you want to expand, you need to follow rules and you have to pay to be offered another territory. And that extra territory might already belong to someone else. 

3Things To Remember About Plumbing Business Franchises

At the end of the day, it is your business and you have to respect rules. You do have to hire employees and you need to manage the business. Also, you are the one that is responsible for team training and setting up trucks.

Keep in mind that there are several franchisors in the industry that do not actually have a very high brand recognition. This means you need to be really careful and you need to make a correct choice. Some have very bad websites that are very bad for SEO purposes or for launching online marketing campaigns. Also, there are situations in which people will not call your business simply because it is a franchise.

Remember that at the end of the day, the fact that you buy the franchising rights does not actually mean you are going to be successful.  You need to choose a franchisor that has a very high brand recognition and you need to review everything that is offered. Basically, the more freedom you have, the higher the possibility you are going to be successful.

As with every single choice you will make in your life, if you do conduct a proper research, it is a certainty you are going to make a correct choice. Always think about the different plumbing franchises you can work with so that you can find the one that will be great for you. At the end of the day, you just need to have the most possible control.