RuneScape: TOP 6 Most Important Quests


    RuneScape has been around for many years. The game gets better every year and as a result, in its exciting and vast universe, gamers could train more than 20 various skills, go through dozens of locations, and complete quests and mini-games. RS is among the best free MMOs in gaming history.

    Old Runescape players know that the main currency in the game is gold, without which the development and completion of quests is incredibly difficult, even impossible. Therefore, it is the most valuable resource for the player. However, it is not easy to get it. Many players do not like to farm or perform activities to get gold in the game, so they turn to boosting companies that are ready to help buy osrs gold. This is a very profitable investment for those who do not want to sit at the computer for hours but want to enjoy the game.

    MMOs are generally quite liberal about whether gamers need to complete exact quests or not. RuneScape also differs in this, but somewhat restricts players to the presence of many quests that open certain sets of armor or weapons. Quests are really interesting and funny and vary in duration and difficulty. Many of them are extremely important for general knowledge. Gamers learn a lot about them by completing the most challenging story quests in the game.

    1Ritual of the Mahjarrat

    The Ritual of the Majarrat is included in a large chain of tasks. This is a grandmaster’s quest. This means that gamers need to make sure they are high enough and have a certain number of points so that they will be able to take it.

    In a sense, this is a sequel to “While Guthix Sleeps”. So it is crucial to the story because it focuses on the cult of dragons, as well as one of the gods of Gielinor. Later, players will be able to participate in the magnificent multiplayer PvE mode against dragon bosses.

    2Twilight of the Gods

    Twilight of the Gods pays a lot of attention to Zamorak, one of the first gods of Gielinor. This quest automatically becomes very important for the whole of RuneScape, which makes it accessible to all players who want to discover the plot of the MMO.

    This is quite a long quest. Before starting it, players must ensure they have enough time to complete it. Gamers should carefully study the characters’ dialogues. Skills ranked and at a good level ensure that players will be able to open teleports or obtain some other consumables needed to fight the villains.

    3Missing, Presumed Death

    A quest that shows the incarnation of Death is considered a crucial quest from the point of view of the RuneScape story. This is also related to Mahjarrat, so gamers who like this quest chain will find many interesting things here.

    The story takes part in the Gielinor. Participants need to take a lot of teleport and food with them to accelerate navigation. Missing, Presumed Death is a wonderful idea to learn something more about the storyline for those players who like such content.

    4The Death of Chivalry

    The Death of Chivalry took place of the Black Knights – the quest of antiquity. It expands Saradomin and the knowledge underlying the Sixth Age. That case made this quest a fundamental quest for general knowledge.

    There are many important knowledge-based quests, however, Death of Chivalry is designed for novice players. It means that they won’t have to wait long before completing it.

    5While Guthix Sleeps

    While Guthix Sleeps is important not only because it is very concentrated on the general knowledge of RuneScape, but it was the primary grandmaster quest released for players. In the continuation of the quest “Temple of Ikov”, players enter the tomb of Guthix and protect him from the cult of dragons.

    Players highly appreciate this quest and it is rightfully considered one of the most exciting quests. Any player interested in the late-game RuneScape should try this assignment.

    6The World Wakes

    This quest is considered to be groundbreaking in RuneScape. The game completes its Fifth Age and enters its Sixth. It’s a legendary event for those gamers who are veterans in Runescape. Not many MMO games develop their products in such a manner when their games get a sense of continuity and progress. Players must use RuneScape’s best melee abilities to conquer the villains in the quest.

    It is a grandmaster’s quest in which players must be really professional in terms of their character’s skills (you can check your skills on the official site). Players called The World Wakes one of the major quests. And its value for knowledge is almost unparalleled among other tasks in the game.

    If you were an avid gamer in the early 2000s when the era of MMORPG games began, then there is a huge chance that you spent hours at the computer playing RuneScape. It is impossible to overestimate the significance of this game for those times. And although it has not been as popular for a long time as in the early years, it still has a huge number of fans around the world. And now there’s a new way to experience the game as RuneScape comes to tabletop games.