4 Ways to Add a Modern Look and Feel to Your Home


When it comes to your home, the following two statements can be true: you really want to upgrade your casa to make it more modern and stylish — but you’re not exactly swimming in money.

Fortunately, it’s possible to bring a modern look and feel to your home without having to win the lottery or rack up huge charges on your credit cards. For example, consider the following ideas:

1Add Some Abstract Art

Adding some abstract art pieces to your home is an easy and budget-friendly way to make it look more modern. This type of art also complements different furniture styles and wall colors, allowing you to pick out different wall prints that are appealing without having to worry that they’ll clash with your other pieces. For instance, a mesmerizing piece featuring light grays, tans and blues will look terrific in virtually any room of your home.

2Choose Sleek Storage Solutions

The phrase “A place for everything and everything in its place” is rather applicable to a modern home. In fact, modern living is all about being clutter-free, with a focus on minimalism and careful consideration on how to display and store your belongings. Start by paring down some of your personal property and then strive to store as many of your things out of sight as possible. Tuck away items in closets and cabinets, and then, as the budget allows, purchase simple open shelving units or full-faced cabinets with flat fronts and simple hardware. You can also make your furniture do double duty, as simple ottomans in neutral colors feature interior storage while still looking modern.

3Opt for Light Colors

One of the easiest ways to modernize any home is by springing for a couple of gallons of paint as well as a brush and roller to repaint the bedroom and living room walls. Modern homes tend to feature neutral wall colors, like light gray and white. And while pops of bold and bright colors are perfectly okay in these styles of homes, they tend to be used more sparingly. Additionally, you can turn to Mother Nature for inspiration for color accents, as modern homes tend to have plenty of natural light coming in. By uncovering your windows, you may start to notice the gorgeous blue sky more and more and be inspired, for example, to add a blue swirl vase to the breakfast bar filled with fresh flowers.

4Gorgeous and Modern Glass

You don’t have to invest in all-new furniture to make your home feel more modern. Instead, focus on buying a couple of relatively inexpensive pieces that will bring a lot of stylish bang for the buck. For instance, glass will automatically make a home look more modern. Thus, if your old dark wood, clunky coffee table has seen better days, consider replacing it with a simple piece that has a glass top and a simple metal base. Try to keep the table clear of any belongings and gadgets and your living room will immediately look more modern.

5A Modern Home Can Definitely Be Yours

Giving your home a modern feel is rather attainable — and it doesn’t need to involve a ton of money or major changes. With some abstract wall art, serious decluttering, fresh paint and glass pieces, your home will immediately go from dated to modern in no time.