Lockdown2 has a Hidden Message for the Indians

Lockdown2 was announced earlier today at 10:00 AM (IST). P.M. Modi has made the decision to extend the countrywide lockdown a couple of days before. But, he declared it today? Why? Let me tell you – Today is B.R Ambedkar, the father of Indian Constitution, Jayanti. Modi has played smartly to unite the people to fight against Corona. B.R Ambedkar is known as the epitome of India’s fragrance ‘Unity in Diversity’ and making this announcement today will surely bring the people together across the country.

The country, the whole world as the matter of fact, is facing the worst crisis ever. In this situation, we need to look up to the morales and values of B.R Ambedkar which includes the following:

  • Treating every individual equally and helping the ones in need.
  • Standing together in solidarity for the nation.
  • Before religion, caste and race; look forward for the benefits of the nation.
  • Respecting the heroes of the society; in the present situation, our heroes are – Police, Healthcare workers, Sanitary workers, Doctors and Public Representatives.
  • Believing in law and constitution enforced by the Government.

If we can work out on the above mentioned points, we can fight effectively against Covid-19. Do not look towards Lockdown2 as imprisonment, but it is for the safety of society and well being of every Indian citizen. It is an opportunity for us to give a tribute to Baba Saheb who has fought relentlessly for our rights and freedom. He didn’t stop there but also ensured people of India live together happily post independence.

Let’s think of this lockdown as a golden chance to make B.R Ambedkar proud for the people of his motherland. Take a pledge to keep ourselves safe, follow lockdown rules, to download Aarogya Setu app, to respect corona warriors, to help the poor & needy and stand together as one nation one thought.

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