Link Building Via Guest Blogging

Want to rank for competitive keywords on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines? Do great link building. There are many ways of link building but one sure way is guest blogging. By guest blogging, you will get useful backlinks with the desired anchor text. You will also be able to build brand authority, get traffic and increase the number of subscribers. The biggest advantage of guest blogging is that it is a white hat SEO technique which does not make your site penalized.

So, What is Guest Blogging?

This is a technique where bloggers write posts to be published on other blogs mainly to increase traffic.

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Guest blogging involves the following two major activities;
Writing a post that will be published in another person’s blog
Another person publishes a post on your blog

How to build links with guest blogs

Use the following steps involved in incoming and outgoing guest blogging to build great links;

1. Look for Guest Blogging Opportunities: Research online and identify potential blogs to which you can publish. Choose a number of keywords including those you rank for and those that you don’t. Look for websites that have blogs too. Google blog search is good for finding blogs in your industry. Some advanced search operators that can help you find blogs that Accept guest posts include using your keyword + phrases like;

  • guest article
  • guest post
  • guest blogger

2. Sort the target bloggers list: The subscribers base determines the authority of a blog. Sort your potential blogs in decreasing order. To get maximum exposure within a short time, go for blogs with huge numbers of subscribers.

3. Come up with ideas to blog about: You could write posts in advance in readiness for when other bloggers are ready for you. A good list also enables you to suggest topics when contacting the bloggers you identified in step 1.

4. Contact blog owners: With a good number of potential blogs and a list of topics you wish to write about, it is time to contact the blog owners. Introduce yourself to the owner and clearly mention your reason for publishing a post- get a link back to your site.

5. Write and optimize post: Once you get confirmation from blog owners, create the content needed. The most important part of link building comes here. This is where you include a link or two of the websites to which you want to drive traffic. Once all is done, send the post to the blog owner or administrator in a timely manner. Make sure your post does not look like self-advertisement.

Tip; you could follow potential bloggers on Twitter, comment on their Facebook page, LinkedIn and the likes. Once they notice you, you can introduce yourself and tell them what you write about.

What next
To know whether your link building efforts are worthwhile, you must track and measure the results. Have an analysis tool which allows you to see how many visitors came to your site through the inbound links you posted in the other blogs.

This brief guide is a good start to enabling you to get a number of inbound links quickly and easily, without harming your search engine rank.

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