Items You Might Find at a Rock Concert


Have you ever wondered about what it takes to put on a rock concert? Besides hosting talented performers, a lot of work goes into concert production. Especially when the concert is part of a music festival that is located in a rural location, production crews have to put a lot of effort into making the show possible. Music festivals in remote locations require a lot of help from skilled professionals to bring the event to life. Next time you visit your next concert, you can appreciate all the hard work that goes into it.

1Providing Mobile Facilities

When a festival is held in a remote area away from large cities, it might be difficult to accommodate the crowd without offering the proper facilities. When hundreds or thousands of people convene in one area, they will need places to relieve themselves. To keep a large outdoor event clean and sanitary, production crews will have to enlist the help of professionals. When there are no facilities at the chosen venue, crews can consult the help of services that provide things like a mobile restroom trailer.

2Moving Band Equipment

Rock bands need a lot of musical equipment to perform their songs at shows. Most bands have guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, and drummers. Musicians can’t perform their art without their musical instruments of choice. When a band does a show tour, they need their instruments to go with them. Transporting this gear to a concert venue takes a lot of specialized moving equipment and professionals who know how to move it. A band usually travels with a road crew who handles the large cases that contain their instruments. This crew must know how to assemble and disassemble instruments quickly and correctly or else the band cannot perform.

3Feeding the Guests

A music festival usually has facilities for food and refreshments. Most people who attend concerts like to have some sort of meal or drink while they’re watching the show. Concessions are also a good way for the production to make some money. When a show is being held in a remote area, these sorts of services have to be brought in via mobile trailers and food trucks. When there are no restaurants or grocery stores in the area, these mobile foodservice businesses can do very well.

Many other components make up local festivals and concerts. Next time you attend your next show, you can appreciate the effort and talent that goes into making the event a reality.