Italy PM Giorgia Meloni Shares ‘Melodi’ Selfie with PM Modi

A Symbol of Amicable Ties at COP28

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: On the sidelines of the COP28 global climate summit in Dubai, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni snapped a selfie with her Indian counterpart, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a moving gesture that has attracted the attention of social media users worldwide. The caption accompanying the selfie, “Good friends at COP28. #Melodi,” has received over 362,000 likes and countless comments from netizens.

PM Giorgia Meloni Selfie with PM Modi

A Sense of Community Among Global Concerns

The selfie, which has become a symbol of India and Italy’s friendly relations, provides a welcome diversion from the serious discussions about climate change that dominate the COP28 agenda. The two presidents’ easygoing friendship emphasizes the value of personal contacts and diplomacy in building international collaboration.

The ‘Melodi’ Moment Resonates on Social Media

The ‘Melodi’ selfie, as it has become known, has piqued the interest of social media users, who have expressed gratitude for the display of camaraderie and togetherness among world leaders. The hashtag #Melodi has been widely utilized across numerous platforms, with users sharing their reactions to the touching event.

A Symbol of India-Italy Relations

The selfie between PM Meloni and PM Modi exemplifies India and Italy’s strong and enduring partnership. The two countries have a rich cultural heritage and a long history of collaboration in industries such as trade, technology, and defense.

The Influence of Social Media Diplomacy

The ‘Melodi’ selfie’s virality demonstrates the power of social media diplomacy in highlighting the human side of international relations. The selfie has assisted in humanizing world leaders and connecting them with people on a more personal level, developing a sense of global citizenship and understanding.

Conclusion of Meloni Shares Selfie with PM Modi


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The ‘Melodi’ selfie serves as a reminder that, even in the face of global crises, moments of friendliness and camaraderie may be found. The selfie has been a source of hope and happiness, showcasing the potential of personal connections in transcending boundaries and create worldwide cooperation.


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