Is Turkey a Good Place to Live?


If the last couple of years have shown us anything, it’s that working remotely from home has become easier and easier. With many companies opting for a more flexible approach to WFH, individuals have more freedom to reconsider their current residence and start to contemplate the idea that, actually, they could choose to live anywhere in the world.

For Muslim families seeking a new life, Turkey offers exciting potential and opportunities to create a home from home in a new environment.

This modern, vibrant, ambitious country encompasses the traditions and holidays that are so important to the Muslim rhythm of life, just with a Turkish angle to it. Qurbani 2022 for example becomes Kurban Bayramı, and the three day Eid festival in Turkey is also called Şeker Bayramı – Candy Festival.

The population of Turkey, currently 84.5 million, is young, educated and metropolitan. Important contributors to the economy include the automotive industry, tourism, consumer electronics and appliances, banking, construction, and textiles.

The climate is much more varied than you may have imagined. The most temperate and bearable areas of Turkey are along the Aegean coast on the Western side, moving down towards the Mediterranean coastline. Summers here a hot and dry, with temperatures reaching 35 degrees centigrade. Winters are mild and damp. Although Turkey is often known more for its summer holiday season, there is also a flourishing ski industry with ski resorts dotted around more mountainous areas close to Izmir, Istanbul and Antalya.

So what do you need to consider if you were interested in making Turkey your home?

1Cost of living

Currently inflation in Turkey is high. Living in Turkey on a foreign currency income will give you a very high standard of living.

2Permissions for living

Current regulations state that you need to apply for a residential permit. For the most up to date information you would be best to consult the Turkish consulate within your home country. To apply for your residential permit, you would need to declare your income, and provide either a rental contract, or the deeds to a property in your name.

3Health Care

Turkey has an excellent health care system, with a level and quality of care that is one of the best in the world. You would need to purchase an annual health care insurance that will cover you and your family.


If you are contemplating relocating with your family, you need to take into account the age of your children. For non Turkish speakers, the younger your children are the easier it is to pick up the Turkish language. For older teenage children it can be more challenging, but not insurmountable. Government schools will provide a good free education. There is also an expansive range of different private school networks.

5Tax situation

Different countries will have their own set of rules according to and relevant tax treaty between them and Turkey. You need to consult with a specialist to determine what your individual requirements will be. Check also any pension implications.

6Location and area

Turkey can offer some beautiful locations above and beyond the mainstream, better known, holiday destinations. Cost of living can also vary significantly between the larger metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Izmir, and the smaller more inland locations. Also, consider if you want to escape modern life and immerse yourself into a simpler lifestyle, or prefer the vibrancy of city living with a more metropolitan vibe. Or, is it your desire to have the sea on your doorstep – whatever your dream, Turkey has an myriad of options that will meet your different criteria.

Expect bureaucracy!

Like many every country worldwide, Turkey has its own bureaucratic foibles. You just need to accept it and go through the processes like everyone else. Its painful at times, but you’ll get there in the end. Make sure you appoint a good agent to help you – they will work with you on every aspect of what you need for your relocation!

Wherever you end up, enjoy every moment. Moving to a new country is frightening, exciting, enervating, but ultimately very rewarding. And one thing we can guarantee – you will be welcomed with open arms and an open heart wherever you go.