Invisalign Clear Braces: Transform Your Smile


Are you one among those grown-ups who are embarrassed to laugh out loud amidst a crowd because of your dental misalignment?

Well, the situation might become even worse if you are supposed to wear conventional metallic braces to straighten your teeth, which, for obvious reasons, the majority of adults are reluctant to wear nowadays.

In this condition, Invisalign clear braces are the ultimate preference, that facilitates you to rectify the dental anomalies and renovate your charming smile without any apparent metallic glint.

So now, you can live, smile, laugh, or giggle and spread the good vibes wherever you are without a peck of hesitation in your mind.

Advancing technology is continually coming up with ways to ease your life and make it worth living. Invisalign clear braces are one such example, manufactured by Align technology which is a multinational medical equipment company. This clear align system has more than 3 million happy users worldwide.

As the name goes, Invisalign is invisible aligners made up of a transparent material, particularly a patented thermoplastic material which is called SmartTrack®, that allows an entirely natural and indistinguishable restoration of your smile.

How do Invisalign clear braces work?

As a common saying goes like, “Great things take time,”  these braces work analogously.

Invisalign braces are not a permanently fixed entity. It comprises a series of braces that are replaced every fortnight with a new set, and gradually over a while, your teeth are straightened. These molds or braces are personalized according to the condition of your teeth by using a highly advanced 3D computer imaging technology.

They acquire the exact shape as that of your teeth and can be perfectly accommodated on your natural teeth without the use of any particular kind of adhesive or any major iatrogenic procedure.

These indicate various stages of the straightening of a tooth, and as a patient, you must go through each stage for the success of the treatment.

These are reasonable, safe, and can be effortlessly put up on your teeth.

Do Invisalign braces hurt?

A big fat NO.

If you are getting a cosmetically better option, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with comfort.

Invisalign braces do not hurt at all; however, a little pressure over the teeth is normal and indicates the process is active. They are among the most convenient ways to help you straighten your teeth. They are so lightweight and fit your teeth in such a harmonious way that you may not even realize it’s there. Also, the process of straightening is slower as compared to traditional braces; hence you wouldn’t realize how your teeth are getting pushed little by little every day.

In the initial days, you might feel slight distress, as a common reaction to any foreign body. Your body takes time to adapt to everything else that’s new to it.

However, your teeth will rapidly adapt to the biocompatible braces, and then you’ll be all set to spread the charisma of your smile.

What precautions must you take while using Invisalign clear braces?

Invisalign clear braces are completely prudent and biocompatible. However, there are a few precautionary measures you must take to ensure that your treatment gets on adequately.

Remember to wear your braces for at least 20-22 hours per day. This step is indispensable to make the treatment work.

They provide you with the flexibility to be removed while eating food, brushing, or flossing your teeth. This step ensures that the hard substrate of any food does not damage the aligners. Also, the flexibility to remove them makes maintenance much more accessible. You can easily remove them, clean them, and wear them again.

It is also entirely safe to wear them overnight and will not cause any discomfort or harm. Instead, they will protect your teeth from the buildup of any plaque or bacteria and prevent tooth decay.

How long does the treatment last?

  • The answer to this question lies within your teeth.
  • Well, it implies that the duration of a treatment usually depends on the condition of your teeth and what degree of straightening would be required to correct it.
  • As a general rule, severely misaligned teeth will take a longer duration to straighten as compared to the teeth with minor anomalies.
  • The number of sessions of new braces you’ll require is also dependent on the magnitude of your dental misalignment.
  • In general, a 6-18 month treatment or even less would be sufficient to transform your smile by giving you the set of perfectly aligned teeth.

Can children use Invisalign invisible braces?

Dental misalignments are not uncommon in children, and most of the parents are worried about it. They need to get it fixed at the earliest possible.

Children can use Invisalign braces, but these require more maintenance and care as compared to traditional braces. Also, the flexibility to remove them intrigues the child, and he/she may pull it out just out of sheer curiosity. So, the braces can be used in children but require much more precaution and supervision on the part of the parent.

What additional advantages do Invisalign braces offer?

Perfectly aligned teeth and an enticing smile are the primary benefits of clear braces, but there are a lot of added advantages clear braces offer. If you live near or in high Wycombe, Conway House Dental would be a great option to get invisible braces service at an affordable cost.

They are a great way to ameliorate your overall dental health and hygiene. They prevent the buildup of bacteria or any other microbe on your teeth, thereby preventing the dreaded condition of tooth decay. Tooth decay is a major taint on your dental health and creates a great obstacle in developing the perfect smile everyone yearns for. The structure of aligners is precisely similar to your natural teeth and does not have any intricate grooves of gaps; this also prevents the sticking of any food material in the braces, unlike traditional braces, which may offer an unpleasant site.

Also, they help you in maintaining good oral hygiene by promoting you to brush and floss your teeth regularly.

Clear braces also help in the correction of your bite, which may be distributed when your teeth are not aligned or ride over each other. They can even enclose the minute gaps that may be presenting your teeth.

Clear braces, in short, is a very affordable and predictable way of transforming your smile.