Investing in Your Soul’s Evolution and Personal Growth


They say that life imitates art. It almost certainly also imitates nature, and the broader world and universe that we live in. When you spend time in nature, walking the land in with attention and contemplation, you discover the universal patterns that are there. One of the things you come to understand is that life is about change. Everything is constantly evolving, moving forward on its quest to become even more.

Beautiful plants emerge from soil warmed by the sun, their stalks breaking through with magnificent flowers to follow. In each moment of their journey they are becoming more, becoming who they were meant to be. It’s like the desire to be more colorful, more delightful, more resplendent is programmed into their plant DNA. In a way it’s similar with human beings, too. We are programmed to be seekers; we yearn to understand and have a strong desire to evolve and grow.

1Create Space in Your Life

If you want to have room in your life to advance and grow, it’s helpful to create the space you need. One of the best ways to change the way you live is to take the time to sort through your things and let go of things that no longer serve you. In doing so, you’ll quickly discover what really calls to you and you can hold those treasures dear. When you have completed this work, you’ll find that you have much more space and open energy in your life and home.

The process of sorting through things is very powerful. You want to hold your possessions, one at a time, and really feel whether the item is special and makes you happy. If it does not feed your soul, set it aside to be given away. If one of your things brings a smile to your face, you keep it. By going through this process, you clear away old energy and open up your life to only include that which truly nourishes you.

2Enroll in an Art Therapy Program

In life, we accumulate things that need to be sorted through and cleared at times. Similarly, in our emotional world and in our thinking, we find patterns that we need to let go of. When you are enrolled in an art therapy program you are deeply connected to the creative process. You may be involved in different forms of creative expression, ranging from painting and drawing to sculpting or coloring. Click the link for more info if you’d like to know more. 

Art therapy is an excellent tool that can help us deal with and work through deep emotions and self-judgement that may be stressing us out and damaging our self-worth. It can help you silence and dismiss your inner critic and get past thinking that says “I am not good enough”. Furthermore, therapy can move you out of the place where you feel stuck.

3Focusing on Manifestation

Once you have cleared away unnecessary things in your life and are no longer stuck in outmoded or harmful ways of thinking, you’ll want to bring in a practice for moving forward along your path. With manifestation, you can put your intention for change out to the universe and ask that your needs be taken care of and your desire for improvement granted.

While some individuals use manifestation as a means to get things, it’s really much more than that. It can be a metaphysical and spiritual practice where you team up with the greater universe to bring in change and developments that help your soul evolve. It’s helpful to think of manifestation as the universe’s giant suggestion box. When you, with a good heart, ask for something you put your wish into the box. The more you practice this, the more you’ll see wonderful results.

If you are committed to a lifetime where you grow your soul and experience deep personal growth, you’ll want to take the steps necessary to support you on that path. Clearing your world of things that no longer have meaning, immersing yourself in an art therapy program and focusing on manifestation will help you create the new life that you desire.