Innovative Products That Will Help Protect You From the Sun

It’s becoming more dangerous in the world as each year goes by, it seems. While we are long past hiding in caves at night and trying to avoid dinosaurs, we have found ourselves facing some big challenges in recent times. With the arrival of the pandemic, we learned that life as we know it could be changed in an instant. Who would have thought we’d be in lockdown, working from home and watching our kids attend school via video. 

We are also starting to see the effects of climate change. California has been burning and experiencing out of control, massive wildfires year after year. Average temperatures have risen considerably across the globe, even in the once frozen Arctic lands. Between the intensity of the sun and its damaging rays, and environmental issues with the quality of our air, we have to be sure to protect our skin and our body’s overall health too.

Swimsuits That Look Great and Help Keep You Safe

Fortunately, new products and technologies have been introduced that help keep us safe. One innovative company has created a line of sun protective swimwear that helps protect you from the sun. This stylish collection offers a UPF 50+ rating, which means it can block 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Rather than having to use so much sunscreen or not being protected by ordinary fabrics, with this swimwear you’ll find you can spend time at the beach or doing outdoor activities. The swimsuits are lightweight and breathable, yet strong. They are also quick drying so you can easily transition from time at the beach to time in town.

Wearable UV Monitor

It’s easy to lose track of how much sun you’ve gotten when you are outside enjoying the day and having fun. One firm has addressed this issue by creating a wearable sticker that functions as a UV monitor. It tracks how much exposure you’ve had in recent days.

The patch also connects to a corresponding app on your smartphone. In addition to tallying and tracking your time in the sun, it can offer tips on safer practices that will help protect your health. This monitoring device will help you pay attention to your overall exposure levels and will encourage you to keep things in balance and care for your well-being.

Car Window Tinting That is UV Protective

If you drive a lot of miles for your job or often take road trips or vacations, you know that you can get a lot of intense sun when you’re in the car. The driver sees most of the exposure on their left side, while a front seat passenger feels the sun on their right. People also feel the effects of the sun if they have long commutes back and forth to their work every day.

One of the ways you can protect your health in your car or truck is to laminate or tint you side windows with a UV protective film. Windshields already include formulas that help block UVA and UVB rays, but your other windows do not. It’s important to check your state or local rules for window rules before you get the work done, as some areas of the country may limit tinting.

In order to protect yourself from harmful rays, you should limit your time in the sun. By avoiding peak times when the UVA and UVB rays are most intense and investing in innovative new products that help keep you safe, you’ll be able to stay healthy and still enjoy wonderful time outdoors.

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