How to Make Money On YouTube


YouTube has emerged as a prominent player in the past few years when it comes to videos. Studies also reveal that the number of people searching for videos is on the increase and things are likely to continue in the times to come as well. The reason behind the same is simple. For those looking for some information on a topic, videos can provide the details in a matter of minutes. In addition, they are fun, interesting and easy to understand. Studies reveal that people prefer viewing a five-minute video than reading a piece of text in 10 minutes. And people are more likely to download YouTube videos for offline watching. In addition, modern day lifestyle has robbed many of precious time and YouTube has become the preferred alternate of viewing the videos that you missed on television. There are no ad breaks as well that further helps the increased viewing. The great popularity has also resulted in YouTube marketing becoming a source of income in the modern times. Here are a few ways to make money from YouTube marketing.

How to Earn Money from Youtube in 2021

Promote Products and Services
YouTube can be a great platform to promote products and services and earn money making a sale. You can also opt for affiliate marketing using YouTube and get commission on every sale made. A few important points must be kept in mind while opting for the method. These include

Be Original
The first and most important aspect to consider when it comes to YouTube marketing is to be original. Videos created by others can never be specific to your needs and would never provide the desired results. In addition, this does not comply with the copyright law and must be avoided.

Be Creative
You need to be creative enough while developing a video. The video type can be animated one or that shot using a camera; however, it must be informative as well as interesting for it to attract the viewers eye.

The Importance of Keywords
Even if your video is interesting and informative, it would never be able to attract the masses if it is not present in the search results. The logic is simple; people would only be able to see the video if it does not appears in a related search. The key to get the same higher in a search result is the keywords. Knowledge of SEO plays a vital part in the same and you would need to identify the related keywords using one of the paid or free tools. Inserting the same in title as well as in the description increases the chances of video appearing in a search resulting in more views and traffic in turn.

Include the Link
The last and perhaps the most important thing is to insert a link of your site or blog that you are promoting. Using the link, the traffic is diverted to your site and you make money for every sale made. You can also use the videos to promote an affiliate link and generate commission on every purchase made by a visitor using the link.

YouTube Partner Program
You can also opt for YouTube partner program to make money online. The first thing that you need to do is make an interesting video and post it on YouTube after creating an account. Repeat the process thereby posting more videos. If one of your videos starts attracting certain views, YouTube would send you a mail at your registered email id with the subject Apply for revenue sharing for your video (video title) In case you have enough videos on the site generating enough traffic, you can also apply on YouTube’s partner program page. Go through the tutorial provided while applying for the program and ensure that you abide by the rules mentioned. The reason behind the same is that you would not be able to apply again for a period of two months in case your application is rejected. Once approved, create a Google AdSense account and link it to your YouTube account. This would facilitate the display of advertisements while the playing of videos and you would earn money for every click made on the same.

Sponsored Videos
If your videos are generating enough views, you can also get in touch with a number of different companies that would be eager to pay you for putting an ad of their product or service on your video. In most cases, the video must belong to the same niche as the advertisement. An example of the same can be an acne product. You can develop a video citing acne cures and reasons behind its occurrence. Somewhere in between, you can have a mention of the sponsored company’s product. You can also add a shortened link of their site at the bottom area of the video for viewers to click on the same and visiting the site.

Here are a few tips can help in making your video a success.

  • Keep it short
  • Keep it interesting
  • Be relevant
  • Pick an interesting thumbnail
  • Pick an interesting title using related keywords
  • Maintain audio and video quality

Have you ever measured by YouTube as a advertising network for your website? Maybe you expected you had to be one of those YouTube sensations general public who have uploaded videos that have gone viral to make any money from YouTube.

YouTube is the second most used search engine online after Google, so you capacity have more chance to make money for your blog using YouTube than you thought. From this infographic you can easy to find How to Make Money online with YouTube.