How to Keep Unwanted Weight from Coming Back


Losing weight is something that many people want to achieve. Whether it’s for health reasons or you want to look more attractive, several resources offer guides on how to shed pounds effectively. Unfortunately, for some people, there’s the struggle to maintain their weight after achieving their goal. Weight cycling, or yo-yo dieting, in which the person loses weight, gains weight, and then starts to go on a diet again.

This has bad effects, including the following:

Besides these negative effects on health, it can also be frustrating to go through that cycle and then have to start again. However, you can do something to stop weight cycling and maintain a healthy weight instead.

1Get enough sleep

Sleep affects your weight. Lack of sleep could cause you to gain pounds and make it difficult to maintain your ideal weight. When you don’t get enough sleep, the body produces a lower level of leptin, which is a hormone that controls appetite. On the other hand, you have a higher level of ghrelin, a hormone that increases your appetite, thus making you hungrier. Using organic CBD from may help if you have trouble sleeping. It is said to help promote healthy sleep cycles. It also has the potential to aid in managing stress and recovering from inflammation related to exercise.

2Track what you eat

You might be surprised why you are gaining weight despite sticking to a healthy diet. Something in what you eat might sneakily cause you to have trouble maintaining your weight. Track the food you eat to ensure your consumption doesn’t exceed your limit. You can download many apps that let you easily log your food and calculate the calories and other contents for you, so you can avoid taking more than you should.

3Drink plenty of water

Drinking water can boost metabolism, so you burn more calories, which helps you maintain weight. Moreover, you feel easily full when you consume water, thus preventing you from overeating. You may confuse thirst with hunger, so it’s best to drink first to gauge if you are hungry or need to hydrate. If you are hungry, practice mindful eating. It means focusing on what you eat and doing it slowly so you enjoy it more. Eating fast with distractions could cause overeating because it’s hard to tell if you are already full.

4Exercise regularly

Exercise may be an obvious thing to do to maintain your desired weight. However, we want to emphasize that you need to exercise regularly. Consistency is a very important factor in any weight loss journey, including committing yourself to regular exercise.

Besides the givWeight en tips, tracking your weight daily can also aid in maintenance. It helps determine which factors might trigger an increased weight, so you can avoid them. Maintaining weight is more than just what you eat. Consistency and lifestyle changes are valuable.