How to Get Google Adsense Approval in 2021

7 Killer Tips How to Approve Adsense Account in 2020

What is your dream in Blogging? If it’s getting approved for a Google Adsense account? Your dream will come true shortly!

Seriously Situations are changed now, some years back, Google is waited for Publishers to sing up, but now thousands of publishers are waiting for how to get Google Adsense approval in 2020. Adsense approval has become very hard now. A silly thing is people started buying Adsense accounts created with spam methods (Of course Google is killing those type of Adsense accounts after 1 week).

Presently Google has changed the terms and conditions and also put some strict rules for the process of approving, It’s a good idea to filter and reject the low-quality sites from their network, but in this process, so many pure natural blogs also getting disapproval’s from Adsense.

Thanks for your interest in Google Adsense, but unfortunately your blog is not approved I’m sure this mail will hurt every blogger who applied and depends on Adsense for revenue. I hope google will notice the pain of quality bloggers and will make some changes in their approval process in the future.

However, now let me tell you some killer tips to increase your blog’s approval chances by 99%. You know some little changes in your blog according to Adsense rules can help you to get approved? All these tips are very important and must follow; I prepared this list after doing a lot of experiments with Adsense. You should follow these tips because I have prepared this after observing recently Adsense approved blogs. Now don’t waste time, read and implement my below important tips to get an Adsense account quickly.

7 Killer Tips for Quick Adsense Approval:

Please don’t neglect these points; I have researched a lot before writing this post, So I hope you will share this useful article on your facebook timeline.

1. Amazing Blog Content
I know this is the common factor and you have already seen this tip so many times, but in this post, you will find something more than this.

Minimum posts: Make sure your blog contains at least 40+ quality posts or pages. I prefer to write maximum as you can.

Don’t write about other niches: Google is very strict about this, don’t look at other niches or blogs, and only write about specific niche which you have selected already.

Clean English: Your blog will be reviewed by humans, not bots. They will catch your grammar errors and spelling mistakes very quickly. So proofread your every post before publishing it.

No adu*lt / P*rn content: I think, no need to explain about this point. I don’t want to write those words on my blog.

High-Quality Images: Include high-quality Images in middle of your blog posts to make it more attractive, your home page will look more beautiful with thumbnails.

Create privacy policy, about us, contact pages: Yeah, I know this point is very silly, but this will show your professionalism in blogging. Make sure your blog is having these pages with proper information.

Avoid Duplicate Content: Please don’t copy and paste posts from other blogs.

2. Super Blog Design
Here comes the second most important point, its design of your blog. I hope your blog is able to meet all below quality guidelines.

  • As usually use a clean and rich looking theme or design only Clean and reader-friendly navigation with making any confusion
  • Previous pages links/page navigation menu at the bottom of the posts.
  • Best looking fonts and headline colors
  • The eye-catching logo which show’s the concept of your blog if possible
  • And all other things which make reader friendly

3. Make use of Google Analytics and Webmaster tools
Google analytics and webmaster tools, both are very important and essential for every blog. The advantage is, both are Google products. So use both analytics and webmaster tools for your blog. It’s very easy and free also.

Get Verified for your blog in Webmaster tools by adding Meta tag in your blog, and add analytics tracking code same like webmaster tools in your blog to make it works. I hope you don’t need the deep explanation about verifying these 2 tools If you stuck in any step while verifying process? Just let us know via comments.

One more tip: Verify your blog on Bing webmaster tools, maybe its also helpful.

4. Sitemap.xml and Robots.txt
Sitemap and robots file is about SEO part in your blog, add these 2 functions in your blog to make it bots friendly.

Sitemap.xml If you are a word press content management system user? Then you can do this in just 2 steps. Go and install a plugin called Google XML sitemaps, it will take care of sitemap of your blog. Otherwise, you can do it by creating an XML file in notepad with your posts URLs and next upload it directly to your blog’s root server.

Robots.txt Robots dot txt file tells your bots what to index and what to not in your blog. Create a new note pad file and copy this exact blogger’s robots.txt file in that, next save it as Robots.txt. Next upload that files to your blog’s root server that’s, it. HTML platform users should change the robots.txt according to their blog; only use our blogger speaks robots.txt file content if you are WordPress user.

5. Decent amount of traffic
So many people think, Google can’t trace their blog’s traffic if not using google analytics on their blog, if you think like this? Definitely, you are wrong. I strongly believe that Google will use some amazing tools to estimate the traffic of every blog. Why cheat Google? No! Only apply to Adsense when you started receiving decent traffic daily.

I suggest you do not apply for Adsense Until you get the daily minimum of 200 unique visitors.

6. Publisher Information
Try to apply for the Adsense through the official email address of your domain like this,. If you have already applied for Adsense and got a rejection with your payee name just a few days back? Don’t use it this time. Try to use your father’s / mother’s payee name instead.

7. Page Rank and Alexa
What page rank or Alexa rank will do? Those 2 types of ranks will show the ranking of a specific blog or site based on so many factors to the public. Every advertiser will estimate the value of your blog by looking at Page rank or Alexa rank, sometimes both.

So many people disagree with this But try once. Make sure you have at least 500K Alexa before applying Adsense.

Finally, I hope you will get into Google Adsense Publishers list soon! and you will able to Earn Money Online with Adsense. Please visit regularly and share this post.

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