5 Huge Web Hosting Mistakes to Avoid


Unless you are a web hosting expert with loads of experience in this area, getting to grips with the finer details involved in hosting can be difficult. Unfortunately, if you’re looking to get a website for your business then web hosting is a concept that you are going to have to develop a fairly good understanding of.

If you don’t get that understanding then you could be setting yourself up for digital marketing failure. Having a top performing, well-developed website is crucial in running a successful business these days and it is important to get the best web
hosting solution to support it.

Gathered from the people who are classed as web hosting gurus, we can bring you 5 huge web hosting mistakes to avoid:

Free hosting Okay so free web hosting packages do suit some people’s needs but if you are a business looking for a professional online image, it probably isn’t the best option. What people fail to realize is that free web hosting comes with its drawbacks. For example, you are limited in terms of space and bandwidth, you may encounter very slow page loading and you are not able to use your own domain name. Further to this, your free web hosting provider will use your website to display ads. Think twice about whether you really want to go down the free web hosting road.

Long contracts There are lots of different payment options available and many offer seemingly good discounts for longer contracts. Now if your business circumstances change, you may find yourself locked into a long term contract that you no longer need. If you are just starting up or you aren’t sure about the type of contract you need, don’t rush into a long contract.

Not Checking Reviews Reading other people’s reviews is a great way of getting a fair idea of the company. You want to know that it is reliable and if you need customer service, that they will be available when you need them. Take some time to read web hosting reviews of any host that you are thinking about using.

No money back guarantee Would you make a big purchase if it didn’t have a guarantee? Your web host should be no different. When you are first starting out with a web host, you don’t know for sure whether they can meet your needs. It is a bit like dating before you get married, you want to get to know each other and see if you’re compatible. Most hosts offer a decent period of guaranteed money back so you can have peace of mind in case things don’t work out.

No back up Having a back up for your website is really important. Most of the time you don’t even know it is there but when it comes to a critical moment when you do require a back up, you will rue not having one. Many web host providers offer a back up plan service but some do not. So if you somehow lose some or all of your data, get hacked etc. you could find yourself needing to rebuild your whole website from the beginning again. It is well advised to have your own back up option separate from your hosting service as well.

Getting started with web hosting is tricky but if you avoid these 5 mistakes, you are less likely to end up regretting your actions. If in doubt, you can always seek advice from specialist web hosting companies or read reviews from technology experts to help you to decide which web host to choose.