How to Deal With False Allegations in a Divorce


Divorce is not easy. People that have been there before will tell you there are things they wished they had known earlier. But in the heat of the moment, you just want to get it over with, and you cannot see past the divorce. The process can even be more complex when you are accused wrongly. Most people will try to hurt their spouses by claiming things that are untrue.

Examples of False Allegations During a Divorce

Some of the common false allegations one spouse can make against the other include:

  • Domestic violence: Such an accusation can spoil your reputation, cause you to lose your job, or get arrested.
  • Adultery: Some spouses will try to gain the upper hand by accusing the other one of adultery. This tactic is often seen in states that allow fault-based divorce.
  • Child abuse: The court does not take kindly to child abusers. This not only affects your reputation, but you can go to jail.
  • Hiding assets: A spouse can falsely accuse the other of hiding assets to avoid splitting the property equally.

To fight such allegations, it is wise to hire attorneys like the Cordell & Cordell team to help you out. A lawyer will prove that all these things your ex is accusing you of are not true.

Understand the Motivation

When a person accuses you falsely, it is usually a sign of desperation. They will accuse you of neglecting your kids, not following court orders, or even abusing the kids. Unfortunately, such accusations are likely to give them the upper hand in a divorce. If you have the truth on your side, you can overcome the case. Collect evidence to show the spouse is lying. While doing so, try to protect the kids from what is going on. Most kids get affected by divorce, especially when parents put them in the middle.

Let an Attorney Help You Fight False Allegations

Generally, even if the divorce is peaceful, you are advised to hire an attorney to represent your interests. But when it is a tug of war, the more reason to get an attorney from an experienced law firm, like Cordell & Cordell. A lawyer will help you collect evidence and prove that you are being accused falsely. Another duty of your attorney is to give you legal counsel. This ensures you do not do or say anything that can jeopardize your case.

False allegations can turn your life upside down. Because of this, you need to fight it. Get yourself a divorce attorney, collect evidence, and be ready to prove that you are being accused falsely.

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