How To Care For Your Concrete Veneer Floor


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The concrete veneer floor is sturdy and enhances the condition of the underlying material. With a polished look, concrete veneer flooring traps less dirt, dust, and carbon footprint than other floor types and provides more insulation which can help lower your energy bills. Most importantly, concrete veneer flooring simplifies maintenance as it is easy to clean. But that is not to say that it doesn’t require consistent maintenance. If you neglect it, you call for unsightly damage that interferes with the durability of your good floor.

Taking care of your concrete veneer floor from policrete is not a tedious process. This guide breaks it down into three simple steps.

Create a regular maintenance schedule

Daily dry moping is necessary to clean your concrete veneer floor, but it also depends on the foot traffic or level of use it withstands daily. Therefore, your cleaning schedule should align with its use. For instance, if it experiences a lot of foot traffic during the day, you can arrange for morning and evening cleaning schedules. Remember that dust and dirt only take a short period to take a toll on your concrete veneer floor, so it’s best to establish a regular cleaning schedule. Dirt creates the sandpaper effect when dirt grinds upon the surface of the floor. That gradually deteriorates the finish of the floor and causes it to lose its smooth, appealing look.

Ensure you use the proper cleaning tools and equipment to clean the floor

Taking care of your concrete veneer floor includes using the right cleaning tools and equipment to avoid damaging the smooth surface. Although the floor is durable, it is also vulnerable in other ways. Whether you use manual or automatic cleaning, you should focus on taking care of your floor.

Manual cleaning

You should first clean the dust with a dust mop before washing it to remove the surface dirt. Ensure the mop is made of soft fibers to prevent damaging the polish of the floor. When washing, use a PH-neutral product to suspend the dirt for easier removal. You should allow the cleaning agent to sit for some period on the floor to loosen the dirt. But do not wait for too long because when the cleaner dries on the floor, it will discolor it. Work on a small area at a time and rinse the floor with clean water.

Automatic cleaning

You can use an automatic scrubber, but you should equip it with a non-abrasive material to avoid scratching the surface of the floor. The cleaner wheels should also be made of rubber to avoid scratching the floor. Note that pads that are too rough can damage the smooth polish of the floor.

Avoid using damaging substances on the floor.

The next thing you need to adhere to is to avoid using damaging substances such as wax on your veneer concrete floor. The wax builds up over time, and you may need to remove it, which results in a dull finish. Also, avoid taping the floor as the adhesive may damage the floor during removal. Avoid using degreasers as they could lead to discoloration of your floor. Before using cleaners, ensure you read the label to ensure it has a natural PH balance.

The final words

A veneer concrete floor is not only aesthetically appealing, but it is also one of the easiest floors to take care of. It does not need sealing or waxing; therefore, it can maintain its glossy appearance for many years to come.