How Ladies Can Grow Hair That Is Thinning At the Temples

More often than not, hair loss is a gradual process. It does not just happen all of a sudden and understanding the signs will help you prevent it.

And just so you know preventing hair loss is a wiser thing to do than trying to remedy the situation after it has happened. This is why you need to understand the signs and avoid things that cause loss of your locks.

However, even hair loss can be effectively managed and treated. This is why we have information such as this one that is committed to helping you know how to do this.

And just like we rightly pointed out above, hair loss does not happen all of a sudden. More often than not, it starts with thinning at the temples for women and this is not hard to figure out if you are quite observant.

We will shed light on how ladies can grow back locks that are thinning or eventually lost at their temples in this article. We advise that you keep reading considering how much this article can benefit you.

The Basic Causes of Hair Thinning in Ladies

The Basic Causes of Hair Thinning in Ladies

Several factors can be responsible for the thinning of a lady’s locks, especially around the temples. For those that do not know where this part of the body is, this is the area above the ears and directly behind your eyes.

There are basic causes of this condition. The basic causes have to do with activities that are primarily responsible for the condition. On the other hand, there are secondary reasons. The secondary reasons are situations that trigger the basic causes. About the basic cause of this condition, this happens when:

You have a Flaky and Dry Scalp

The reason for a dry and flaky scalp is usually down to dehydration. This happens when this part of your hair does not get the essential nutrients needed. As a result, the follicles end up getting dried up and this is the beginning of the thinning.

Swollen Follicles

You cannot talk about the process of hair growth without having to discuss the role of the follicles. This is because they play very important roles in ensuring you have full and healthy locks.

As a result, your locks are on the line if anything negative happens to the follicles and this is one of the causes. Swollen follicles are a result of the follicles being scorched because of excessive heat buildup.

Clogged Hair Follicles

The scalp is normally supposed to release something known as sebum. However, sebum release is meant to be regulated as an excessive amount released will adversely affect the functioning of the follicles.

This is because the follicles will get clogged and this will prevent essential nutrients from getting through to the locks. Thinning of the locks and eventual loss are some of the adverse implications if this happens. For more information about this, you can check here.

Secondary Causes of Hair Thinning and Loss

Secondary Causes of Hair Thinning and Loss

The secondary causes of this condition are situations that trigger any of the basic causes as explained above. There are a number of them and they include the following:

  • The genetic makeup of the individual
  • Poor nutrition
  • Stress levels that are high
  • Imbalances in hormonal functions
  • Adverse effects of certain treatments – such as chemotherapy
  • Some drugs and treatment options
  • Pregnancy (in some cases)
  • Illnesses
  • Smoking
  • Certain Hairstyles

How to Grow Thinning Locks at the Temples

How to Grow Thinning Locks at the Temples

Here are some things that you should do to remedy the situation if you are faced with it:

Have a Proper Diagnosis Carried Out

Do not be too quick to get the best product that will get your locks back on track. This is because the problem might just be more than the thinning of your locks.

For instance, this can be an adverse reaction to daily consumed thyroid medication. Having a proper diagnosis carried out will help you understand the true problem and help resolve it.

Avoid Certain Hairstyles

You should know the cost of the hairstyle on your hair before you decide to have it done. This is because some hairstyles will trigger at least one of the basic causes of hair thinning. This is because of the pressure they mount on areas such as your temple.

So, you should avoid such for the greater good. Some alternatives are equally good-looking but harmless. You should consider them instead.

Just as a tip, hairstyles that involve the excessive use of heat appliances on your locks are a no-no. Also, options that cause your locks to be pulled excessively are a no-no.

Be Mindful of How You Treat Your Hair

The use of products that have harmful artificial chemicals should be avoided. A lot of hair dyes, chemical texturizers, and some other items fall into this category. You need to have a good idea of what anything you apply to your hair will do to it before you do so.

Do Not Starve Your Hair of Essential Nutrients

One of the most important aspects of lifestyle choices that should be taken seriously is nutrition. This is because it determines a lot and the fate of your locks is inclusive.

Your locks will end up getting thinned out as a result of a dry and flaky scalp. This is caused by a lack of essential nutrients as explained above.

Some of the needed essential nutrients can be found in meals that are rich in omega 3 acids, vitamins, minerals, and especially proteins. Other nutrients needed for hair thickening and growth include magnesium, zinc, and biotin. This is because protein keratin is what the hair is primarily made up of and it requires a healthy amount of all these nutrients.

Get the Right Products

There are top-quality products that can help people with the problem of hair thinning in their temples or other parts. However, you have to be certain that they are right for you.

This is because some of them are composed of inorganic additions that do more harm than good. So, you need to make sure of this. You might have to consult a professional to make the right choice. Checking credible review platforms is another reasonable way to go about it.

Wrap Up

We have shed light on how the problem of hair thinning, especially on your temples can be treated here. There are other things you might have to know but we have discussed pretty much the important ones and the basics. For more on this subject, you can visit:

Preventing this condition as much as you can is the best way to go about it. So, make sure your lifestyle choices do not trigger the basic causes of this condition as much as you can. And just in case you have this condition, you can make informed decisions using the details shared here.

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