Easy And Effective Healthy Weight Gaining Tips For Women


If you feel that your body is very lean and thin and you are tired of hearing those weight gaining tips from your family, friends and acquaintances and you don’t want to spend your money on weight gainer, then don’t worry you are not alone. Sometimes, it becomes too overwhelming with such unwanted opinions. In this article, we will not burden you or confuse you with too many tips, and will share only the basic tips that are easy to follow and yet effective.

Have Dried Fruits

The first one is to eat more dried fruits. Dried fruits contain around sixty calories per serving and are therefore a good choice if you are trying to gain weight or just lose a few extra pounds.

Frequent &  Small Meals 

Another way to gain healthy weight is to consume an amount of calories per pound of lean body mass. Some people may not like the idea of consuming such a large amount of calories, but as long as you are keeping track of what you consume and how much is being burned off with these dried fruits, you will be fine. If you feel you need more than one serving at a time, choose a product that offers a high-fiber content such as high-fiber cereal or bran cereal. This will help with your digestion, which should lead to more frequent and smaller meals. Just be sure not to take in too many calories at once.

Try Energy Bars 

There are many different kinds of energy bars available, and some are easier to digest than others. These bars contain around eighty calories and are packed with flavor! 

Nutritional Supplements 

Last but certainly not least, nutritional supplements. You will find a ton of different nutritional supplements like weight gainers with different brands and different ingredients. The important thing is to pick a nutritional supplement that has a ton of ingredients so that you gain weight and not fat. Most of the time, nutritional supplements contain a ton of unnecessary junk that will do nothing for your body.

Cardio Training 

If you want to have lean muscle mass, you need to incorporate high-intensity cardio training into your workout routine. For women, this means doing long slow cardio like circuit training. This is the best way to gain weight and build muscle. High intensity cardio makes your heart work much harder than it does when doing the slower “interval training” kind of cardio. This should also be done right before and after you work out so that you can maximize its effect.


So there you have it! Weight gaining tips for women are very easy to follow if you have a little motivation and the drive to succeed. Just follow these simple guidelines to gain weight in the shortest amount of time. Remember to eat healthy, exercise on a regular basis, and take high-intensity cardio. These tips will help you get the weight you want faster.

Do you think these tips are helpful? Or do you know any other weight gaining tips that are helpful? Feel free to share with us in the comments section below.