Clash Royale APK Download – Top 6 Alternative Games Like Clash Royale for Android and IOS


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    What is Clash Royale

    Clash Royale is a mobile game which is available for Android and iOS platforms. But we help you to get it for your computer as well. This game is based on battles and ones you win any battle then you get rewarded. The most awesome feature of this game is that it is multi-player. It means you can play this game with any of your friend or relative sitting another corner of the world.

    Apk which solemnly is around the Clash Royale game. In our article, you can find great tutorials, guides, tips, and tricks of Clash Royale APK. We have a bunch of information that will guide you through your way of downloading and installing Clash Royale apk, Mac, iPhone or Android device.

    Our article has helped many users to download Clash Royale apk on their devices and we are continuously updating and improving our article and we are also expanding our page so that most of you take advantage from it.

    The aim of Clash Royale Article

    The reason for creating the article of Clash Royale APK is to guide users how they can get Clash royale game on any platform. You can get it for PC, Android, iPhone, Mac and all other platforms. Actually, Clash Royale is a strategy game which is based on strategic battles and very popular among users.

    Free Download Clash Royale APK 1.8.1 (139) Latest Version

    Clash Royale APK: This article is going to help you to free download latest version of the newly released app, Clash Royale. This game is by the developers of Clash of Clans who have introduced their this best ever multiplayer game. It includes your favorite character Royales and many awesome hidden features which are yet to be explored by the player itself. Since people avoid going to play store rather opt to go for APK version; therefore, we share APKs with you to directly Download Clash Royale for your blog. Let me share a short review with you which will help you to know more about this game. The Clash Royale is a freemium strategy game which is developed by Supercell, a video game company located in Helsinki, Finland. You can download Clash Royale for iPhone and Android. It let you collect a dozen of cards featuring the clash of clans troops. It let you build your own battle community and going to hit it hard in the market. If you are a kilt and looking to Buy Utility Kilts Online then this article is for you to go for. Or you may also check for other Mens Kilts in affordable prices which are here for you.

    download Clash Royale

    Free Download Clash Royale APK 1.8.1

    So here is the Clash Royale APK Download. Here I am sharing the download link of Download Clash Royale APK with you which will help you to get this on your devices. If you want to transfer the files on Android.

    Method: 1 – Direct APK Download Link
    This is the first method which you can use to Download Clash royale APK for your Android device. Now without taking you more time let me take you to the steps;

    • First of all, take your Android devices and head towards below link DOWNLOAD CLASH ROYALE 1.7.0
    • Now it will start downloading this app on your Android phone
    • Ones it is downloaded then you will have Clash Royale icon on your home page, tap on it and enjoy using this app.

    Alternate Method – Using Google Play Store
    This is the alternative method which you can use to Free Download Clash royale for your Android device which is the same method which you have been using for long:

    • First of all, Open Google Play Store Or get it from Here
    • Now search for Clash Royale,
    • Tap on Clash Royale icon
    • Tap on Install
    • Wait until it finishes downloaded
    • Tap on Open and Enjoy Playing!!

    How to Play Clash Royale Game?

    Since my opening Clash Royale game at first many newbies can easily be confused. So for those folks, I am adding this here;

    There are numbers of cards which feature many characters including; Prince, Baby Dragon, Spells, Knights, Defensive buildings, and troops from Clash of Clans. However, these cards can be upgraded by moving in the game.

    How to Play Clash Royale Game

    Clash Royale is all about fighting the battle and try to win it. What you need to do is select your side and stand with your troops. Then you need to fight battles with opponent’s troop on the other side.

    The user needs to send troop to fight and you are supposed to send each troop when it is required. Here your strategic genius will have to think that which troop to send and which not.

    You have the option to send 8 troops to fight at a time. In summary, you need to cause as much damage to your opponent as much as possible. Since your victory will depend on the damage you have caused to your opponent.

    Ones you succeed causing much damage and defeating your opponent, you will be rewarded gold chests and different cards. You can open those chest to see what is in there. One chest will remain open for 12 hours in the game.

    You can also create your battle team comprising of your friends and mates from across the globe. You can chat with them in real-time to remain in coordination while fighting. You can also share your cards with them to keep moving.

    There exist some in-app purchases which you can make for purchasing different game items like; cards, gems or decks. There are many exciting upgrades and purchases which will be offered to make this game even more exciting.

    However, if you want to enjoy the basic levels of games then you are not required to pay not even a single penny! So enjoy free!

    Download Clash Royale Review

    Now taking this guide ahead, I am adding the list of all features of Clash Royale. In these features, I have tried to cover all the amazing features of this amazing game which makes it amazing and Best Grossing app of the year.

    So let’s head towards the features of Clash Royale app below;


    Download Clash Royale

    As I have already mentioned above that it is a strategy game where you need to move according to your battle intelligence.

    You need to perform matchmaking in Clash Royale game and increase the number of trophies. In this game, every player has the opportunity to increase the number of cards which will ultimately form a clash of clans studio.

    You will have to collect cards as well, all cards will be unique and you will have eight cards in one deck. If you won in that then you will able to secure more trophies and glories; moreover, you can also earn different rewards.

    There are three main types of clash royale chest cycle in this game. You will get a free chest after every four hours. The crown chests are available for 24 hours and in order to unlock them, you need to win at least ten crowns in multiplayer battles.

    The third chest is Treasure chest which further divided into three types namely; Silver chest, Gold chest, and Magical chest. You will able to acquire these chests only if you win the battle. It also lets you purchase the chest with gems.

    Now let’s talk about the cards. Cards ranking are based on stats. You need to get a bunch of common cards, which can be easily found or get inside the game by digging it deeper. The second type of cards is rare cards which are a bit hard to find. Now let’s talk about the last card which is Epic Card that is superior among all cards and tough to find than others as well.

    Clash Royale APK cards

    While playing Clash Royale, you will come across a shop where you can buy three random cards easily. They refresh the shop after every 24 hours and on every Sunday SPECIAL OFFER is also showcased.

    Let’s move towards the clans now; XP Level 3 will be available, you can join a clan or you can create a clan one you have got 1000 gold coins.

    The awesome thing about this game is that it let you chat with your friends as well to discuss the strategies or moves in battle. Moreover, it also lets you donate your cards. I am sure the game must have excited you and you want to get this for your Android phone or computer. You can download Clash Royale latest version from below link.

    How to Play Clash Royale
    This question may be hitting your mind that how you can play Clash Royale smartly and get the utmost winning while playing.

    Clash Royale has different cards featuring Princes, baby dragons, knights, spells, defenses, and troops from Clash of Clans. Players are supposed to upgrade these apps by defeating their enemy Kind and enemy princesses from the towers and keep moving.

    Ones you defeat the enemies you will award with gold chests and an assortment of different cards. It also allows you to create your own battle team and share your cards. If you want to get specific items related to the game then you can pay for such items and get it. In order to play this game, you will be required to have an internet connection.

    Clash Royale Cards

    Now moving on with this, I am going to talk about its Card. Yes, Now you guys are going to know how many cards are there in Clash Royale.
    There are total 58 Cards in Clash Royale of different characters. You can grab these cards from chests which you’ve been rewarded after winning or by purchasing using Gold available to you. If you are getting duplicate cards then it will be filling in on upgrade meter. Ones the card’s upgrade meter is full it can be renewed.

    • It let you play in multiplayer by choosing the next play across the globe.
    • Earn chest and unlock rewards.
    • Collect powerful new cards and upgrade the existing chests.
    • You need to destroy opponents tower and win epic Crown chests.
    • Build your own battle team to defeat your opponent.
    • Form a clan to share cards.
    • You can also challenge your classmates, family members, or friends for the private duel.
    • It also lets you learn battle tactics by watching the best duels on TV Royale.
    • The Royale TV works as a teacher for you which teaches you how to fight and win battles.
    • The awesome thing about this game is that it let you play for free.

    Clash Royale app is definitely an addictive and super amazing game available. I have become a big fan of it which is why I have started this blog to bring different Clash Royale lovers together and help them out.

    Best Deck in Clash Royale for PC Windows {7/8/10/Mac} Download Free

    Clash Royale PC: Clash Royale is a strategy game which is being loved by many of the gamers. This app is developed by developers of Clash of Clans. Best deck in clash royale is the multiplayer game which is users are enjoying. It is a freemium game which can be easily downloaded without paying even a single penny. Seeing such popularity of this game, many computer users want to have this app for their computer as well. You can follow this article to download Clash Royale for PC Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows and Mac. I know you guys are eager to know about this trick that how you can enjoy this best strategy game on your computer whether running on Windows or Mac OS X. I will be using Android emulator, Bluestacks for making it play Clash Royale for PC. If you want to Download Clash Royale APK get from here.

    Clash Royale for PC

    Clash Royale For PC – Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 and Mac OS X Download Free
    So here I am sharing a complete detailed tutorial which will help you to Download Clash Royale for PC and install it and at last enjoy playing this awesome game on your computer. You will be required to get an Android emulator to perform this task, I will be using Bluestacks which is best and free android emulator. After that, you can Play Clash Royale online for free.

    What are Android Emulators?
    As I have talked above that we will be using Android emulator to run Clash Royal on PC and for that famous Android emulator is Bluestacks which we will be using. So let me clear your question is that What are Android Emulators?

    Android Emulators are software which is used to run Android apps on your computer. Yes, you heard it right, you may download any type of Android app on your computer and enjoy using it without much fuss.

    Clash Royale for PC – Windows and Mac

    • First of all, Download Bluestacks using below link; Bluestacks official website
    • Then click on Download Bluestacks 2.
    • Now it will start the downloading of Bluestacks for your computer. (Follow the on-screen instructions for starting the downloading process).
    • Ones the Bluestacks is downloaded, launch the downloaded app and Install it on your computer.
    • The installation process will take some time to get completed. It will also ask you to setup Bluestacks with your Gmail ID, you simply need to follow the on-screen instructions for that.

    Download Clash Royale for PC

    • One’s Installation is done, Launch the Bluestacks.
    • Now use the search bar and type Clash Royale and hit enter or get Clash Royale PC download link from below;


    • Then click on the Clash Royale icon.


    • It will redirect you to the Google Play Store official store, click on the Install button.

    Install Clash Royale

    • Now it will start downloading Clash Royale.
    • Ones the downloading is completed, you will have an Open button in place of install button; click on Open Button.

    Download Clash Royale for Windows

    • Enjoy Playing!!

    Extra Tip: How to Play Clash Royale everytime you want?

    • In order to play Clash Royale everytime you want to; then you have to follow the below steps;
    • Go to the Bluestacks folder.
    • Now click on Apps folder.


    • Here you will have a Clash Royale icon, simply click on it to launch it.


    • Enjoy Playing Clash Royale for PC.

    How to Play Clash Royale Game on PC?

    The method of playing Clash Royale on PC is same as you play on your Android or iPhone device. You need to collect cards as much as possible which features Prince, Baby Dragon, Spells, Knights, Defensive buildings, and troops from Clash of Clans. You are also supposed to keep on upgrading these cards.

    You need to fight battles and for that, it has also functionality to create your own battle and fight it. You can create a team of your team-members to fight battles.

    Best Clash Royale Alternatives 2023 – Games Like Clash Royale!

    Clash Royale is a very popular game among users and gamers have gone crazy about this game. If you are looking for some other games which can give you exact pleasure which Clash Royale has given you then this article is especially for you.

    I realized that there are users who are looking for Clash Royale alternatives in spite that this is the best game in 2019. The reason was that the users want to know more about strategy games after having good experience with Clash Royale.

    As I already told you that, Clash Royale app is definitely the best strategy game, but there are many more games in the market having the same plot, graphics, ideas, and concept and for you guys, I am listing all such alternatives with you.

    Clash Royale Alternatives

    So here I begin the list of Best Clash Royale alternatives 2019 with you which will be helping you to get more strategy games same as Clash Royale. Now without taking you more time let me take you to the apps directly to Clash Royale alternatives…

    1- Clash of Clans

    clash of clans game

    The first alternative of Clash Royale is in our list is Clash of Clans. You all might be very much familiar with the Clash of clans. It is strategy game by same developers of Clash Royale, Supercell. The Clash of Clans is a real-time strategy game and has the almost same plot, graphics, concept, like Clash Royale, has. It is the most popular game in the history of mobile gaming.

    Clash of Clans has awesome graphics and beautiful tactics. You need to build your own fortress. It also lets you build your own army of barbarians, archer, Hog riders, Wizard, Dragon and other powerful fighters. You can fight with your enemies or friends and take their trophies after winning. You can also build 20 unique units with multiple levels of upgrade. Do check out Aptoide APK for Android guide in order to download your favorite apps.

    2- Castle Clash

    Castle Clash

    So here is another strategy game like Clash Royale and it is Castle Clash. There are around 70 million users of this game. It is a fast-paced and awesome strategy game. It let you lead an army of mythical creatures. Your fight is to become the world’s greatest warlord. The complete success of this game depends on the strategy you follow to cope up with the conditions of the game.

    You need to build and upgrade your impenetrable fortress. You can also create wild and ultimate military form number of troops. You can put your heroes against other players and play in multiplayer. You need to build your troops and invade the empires to build a strong empire in order to fight against your enemies. You can build your own team with your friends or relatives. There are many more tweaks and strategies to play with. It is a completely free game. If you have been the fan of Google Allo app and wanted to get it for your computer then Download Google Allo for PC from the given link.

    3- Viking Wars

    vikings war of clans

    Viking Wars is another Clash Royale alternative real-time strategy game. It let you choose from female or male Vikings. The graphics of Viking Wars is awesome and it really has taken forward the strategy game. This is the reason that I have put Viking Wars in my list.

    The Gods of Asgard trained the Vikings and in this game, you will be building your own village and raiding others’ tribe. It definitely has awesome graphics, faster gameplay, and real-time defense which makes this game awesome. This is also a free game which can be downloaded from Google Play Store for free.

    4- Hero Sky: Epic Guild Wars

    Hero Sky Epic Guild Wars

    Hero Sky, Another awesome strategy games, it let you fight spectacular guild wars against your friends or other players. The awesome thing about this game is that it let you customize your favorite as per your wish. Create and customize your troops for fighting battles.

    You need to build your own town and earn the supremacy within the Sky world. All heroes on Hero Sky has might skills which make them stronger and powerful than any other game. The game lets you discover the hidden strategies to conquer the empires. You will definitely learn a lot from this strategy game. You need to use your troops and heroes to defend your empires from enemies. There are many more things to test and practice. It is a completely free game to grab.

    5- Clash of Gangs

    Clash of Gangs

    Clash of Gangs is one of the most popular strategy games in the list which has gone viral among the users. It is a tactical combat game whose success solely depends on your moves. You need to build your army from loyal soldiers to fight against criminals of the underworld. You can send your gangs out at combat mission or on raids.

    You have deadly bosses and military grade assault choppers. You can also build your base and defend your reputation. It also lets you watch battles in 3D images with Street View mode. You have around 20+ Bosses which you can use to build a deadly gang, but you need to unlock them first. By playing and earning the reputation you can control the leaderboard. This is completely free to enjoy the game.

    6- Adventure Time Card Wars

    adventure time card wars

    Adventure Time Card Wars is another best alternative of Clash royale game which helps you feel same as playing Clash royale game. If you have watched the cartoon Adventure Time then you have must have seen cartoon characters playing a card game.

    In cartoons, you might have seen that game easy to play but in reality, the game is tough and require proper strategy to execute in order to successfully play this game. The game is an amazing alternative of Clash Royale and you should definitely give it a try.

    Final Words
    So this was our article which has made you learn to know and explore more about Clash Royale. I am sure you guys have found it helpful and worth reading. If you have any queries related to this article then feel free to lend your queries below, we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

    If you have any other alternative game like Clash royale which you want to share with us. We would love to hear from your side and will appreciate your contribution.