Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees


Part of running a business successfully is having a qualified staff of dependable employees. It takes time to determine how many you need and what positions they will fill. Looking over resumes and scheduling interviews is the next step. When you have compiled a list of suitable candidates, you can choose the ones you feel are a good fit.

Most employees are permanent hires but there is also the possibility of hiring temporary employees. This may not seem useful but there are situations where hiring temps is beneficial.

1Short-Term Projects

If you do business in Texas, you could find temporary employees at an Austin staffing agency. A short-term project for which you don’t have a sufficient number of employees or workers with the right training and experience is a situation in which hiring temps is a good solution. You can bring in as many qualified people as you need to and use them until the project is finished.

2Adjust Staff Size

Many businesses have busy and slow seasons. The size of the staff needed varies during these times. Rather than hire permanent employees and then have to lay them off only to be rehired later, augmenting the staff with temps during the busy times makes more sense. It’s cost-effective as you don’t have to pay benefits and the flexibility temporary hires provide is ideal for businesses whose workload changes periodically.

3Filling In Short-Term

Sometimes an employee needs extended time away from work. Vacations usually happen at least once a year. There are also maternity leaves, time off for a family situation, or recovery from surgery or an injury. These employees will eventually be back but their work continues while they’re out. Temps are excellent solutions as they can come in and perform the duties of the regular employees until they are back.


No matter how well you screen potential employees you never really know how well they will fit in until they work for you for a while. Hiring temporary employees allows you to try them out. You can find out how well they perform and whether they are able to work together with your permanent workers. Once you have determined they are a good fit, you can offer a permanent position.

Hiring the right people to fill out your staff is important to business success. Most employees will be permanent. However, there are times in which a temporary employee will be more beneficial.