How Anti-Glare Glasses and Blue Light Lens can help in Combating Eye Strain


While working on the computer, you would have come across scenarios where the eyes become dry and you start feeling a bit dizzy. It becomes important to keep the eyes moist and blink at regular intervals, especially when using mobile devices or laptops.

Ophthalmologists recommend that people should not use mobile phones when it is dark but still many people do not pay heed to it. They are under the impression that their eyes are perfectly fine and no damage is being done. However, the blue light being emitted from the mobile screens can be detrimental to your eyes. The damage happens slowly and the only way to avoid the damage is by getting rid of the habit of using mobile devices in the dark.

Blue light can affect your sight, whether the light is coming from the sun or devices with screens such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. There should not be overexposure of blue light. You would normally see these extremely lit up areas in shopping complexes, offices, etc. The best solution here is to protect your eyes from the blue light. The cornea and lens in the eyes do not block those rays from reach the over-sensitive retinas hence you have to look for an external solution. Blue light lenses for the spectacles is the ideal solution.

How are blue light lenses effective in protecting your eyes. Well, they reduce the digital eye strain that many people in a technologically advanced world encounter when using mobiles or laptops. Blue light lenses protect the eyes when you are indoors as well as outdoors. If any of your dependents (parents or close relatives) have undergone cataract surgery, you should opt for blue light lens instead of a normal Intraocular lens (IOL). These glasses will protect their eyes post-surgery, especially when they watch television, use mobile phones, or any other device that has a screen.

If you are a working professional, computer glasses from a reputed brand can aid in reducing eye strain, lower dryness in the eyes, and more. Glasses with blue light lenses are also instrumental in minimizing the risk of macular degeneration which if not treated on time can lead to permanent loss of vision.

Apart from blue light, reflection is another aspect that can increase the difficulty to see properly. You might have witnessed glare on your screens when sitting in a wrong direction when working. Glare on your screens can strain your eyes as you may not be able to see things properly. Instead of glasses with normal lenses, you should go for lenses that have AR (anti-reflective coating). AR coating is a thin layer that is placed on the lens itself and removes the extra reflections that we see on a glass surface.

Anti glare eyeglasses are preferred by people irrespective of whether they work on laptops or not. One more arena where anti glare coating is a must-have is in sunglasses. If you are someone who drives a car or bike, you might have come across a situation where you have visibility problems when it is extremely sunny. Such a situation can be hazardous and sunglasses can be the best rescue in such scenarios.

Anti glare glasses are necessary if you work for long hours on a computer, work under bright sunlight, or drive regularly at night or in the day. They reduce the strain on the eyes as 99.5 percent of the light reaches the eye through the lenses. In a nutshell, anti glare glasses and anti glare sunglasses sharpen the vision as they reflect more light than regular lenses.