7 Casual Accessories Every Man Should Own


Casual Accessories can tell a lot about you. Wearing a timepiece can mean that you are organized. A pair of glasses can mean that you read a lot. Even wearing a pair of colorful socks can make a judgment about your attitude. It’s not only about how you express yourself, but it’s also about how well prepared you are to go through a day.

Every day can always be a comfortable day for most of us gentlemen. Wearing the best and laid-back clothes and accessories are a must to achieve the best relaxation. So, here are the

Seven Casual Accessories that every Man should own


Nothing can ever beat that time-telling gadget on your wrist. Aside from it’s essential, it’s also a fashion statement. You can browse through many watches in-store and online with your flexible budget. And since casual is the theme that we’re looking at, you might want to invest in pieces that have minimal design and lesser features. Just a simple timepiece with a simple function.

Models like the Hamilton Khaki Aviation brings out the best of casual in you. The best part? This analog watch is available in various designs, according to your liking.


Going out on a sunny can need a little bit of shade. Aviators, named after a pair of pilot goggles, are now famous in most casual looks. The good thing about this pair of glasses is that its sleek frame matches every outfit you put out. Even if you’re wearing your beach shorts, you can’t go wrong with these.

As a necessity during summer, brands like Ray-Ban sell the best aviators at reasonable prices. Invest with a pair or two of different shades and you are more ready to walk the heat.

3Wireless earbuds

If you are walking around the park, or just having a short jog around the neighborhood, then these are for you. Earbuds help you maintain that pace with your music player synced. Or, if you are working from home, these hearing aids will give the best experience. Imagine talking about businesses while walking around the house. How great is that?

Brands like Sony and Apple are good choices for this product. Some brands have noise-cancellation properties and are great for that laid-back intimacy you are opting for.


Aside from a relationship determiner, rings can also be used in casual styles. And you don’t have to worry about putting these in the right finger. Having a couple of rings that suit your casual fits are just enough to flaunt a bit of style. And since rings also represent power, put one when going out with the gang. It attracts women, but not in a way that they think you are married.

5Bracelets and necklaces

These iced and golden pieces are just right with casual get-ups. If you are into street-wear, investing in a piece or three can get you that “sauce” when flexing in the club. Pair these with your Cuban polos and loafers and you are more than good to go.

6No-show socks

Being casual needs timing. If you are out of the office, binging from everything you want to do, then you shouldn’t feel so uneasy. This is where no-show socks come into play, and you don’t have to worry about matching the colors with your loafers or sneakers. You can even wear different colors on each foot, and no one will notice them – just you and your calm stance after your busy day.

7Leather belt

Going out with chinos and shorts doesn’t need any type of belt. With what you have, and assuming that it’s leather, you can’t go wrong with wearing them any time. Although, if you invest in leather belts that deteriorate fast, then you’ll need some saving. And it doesn’t only affect your fit, it also affects the suave casual look that you want to pull off.


Going casual doesn’t mean that you need to loosen your style after a hard day’s work. If you have the time, you can always opt for investing pieces that you need. Money is not a problem. You can always go out and find some Casual Accessories pieces that suit your budget and style. But remember, having the best quality for each investment equals confidence in style.