5 Technology Advancements That Assist Those With ADHD


ADHD, also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, is experienced by over 300 million people worldwide. ADHD can make it hard to focus, especially in school or work settings. That’s why technology and assistive technology have come together to create tools for those who struggle in certain areas to get help and move through courses, workloads, and life plans with ease.

If you’re looking to get help with ADHD in your school or workplace, check out these five technological advancements for people with ADHD.

1Note Taking Devices

Note-taking devices are beneficial in class, as they will actually listen in on your lecture and annotate what the speaker is saying. You can leave notes and pins in essential sections to go back to when you’re reviewing for a test.

Sometimes colleges will have these devices available to lease for the duration of your school year, which may or may not be covered for you financially. Check with your school’s disability department. Remember, per the ADA, a disability can be a mental health condition.

2Organization Software

For some people who have ADHD, organization can feel like a never-ending and impossible chore. For that reason, organization software and websites exist to help you visualize your goals and projects and keep them all in one place. The sites are often modern and easy to use, which will help not to overwhelm you.

If you have trouble remembering to log in or check your software for any notes you’ve left, some organization software can leave your reminders and send emails when something is nearing due. This push may help you finish your required tasks, whether for a job or school.

3Audio Readers

It can be challenging to focus on a page, whether online or in a book. For those with ADHD who struggle with reading comprehension, using audiobook software or reading software is excellent. You can install the software to read things like:

  • Social media posts
  • Online books
  • Essays
  • Class instructions
  • Online classes
  • Work material

If you really need it, you can even find software that reads any word on your screen out loud for you to hear. It’s highly customizable.

4Vocabulary Tools

If you need a bit of assistance with your vocabulary or spelling, some tools online allow you to highlight words throughout your reading material to learn the definition and how the word sounds. Just highlight the word you want to know about, and it’ll read it out loud to you.

5Timer Apps or Timers

There are timers made explicitly for those with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. You’ll find more marketed to children than adults, but you can use them the same way. The timer will help you understand exactly how much time you have to finish a task, and you can reward yourself if you can finish it within the time. However, if pressure makes you anxious, you may want to stay away from this option.


For those who struggle with focus, attention, motivation, and comprehension, these five best ADHD technology tools will be of great use to you. You are not alone, and many adults use assistive technology to get through school and work. There’s nothing wrong with using these tools in your regular life as well.