5 Most Useful Widgets For Your WordPress Blog

WordPress being one of the most used blogging platform also has an array of widgets for easy customization. So if you want to bring any kind of change in your website either to make it look more attractive or do something for the comfort of readers, WordPress’s widgets have you covered. The beauty of these widgets is that they are really simple to install. So you don’t have to go through a manual to know about their functioning. With so many widgets on WordPress, it can get difficult to choose the best ones. Here are 5 widgets that can be most useful for your blog:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast: Sure! Content is king! But it needs to be found! And for it to be found, your website needs to be as much SEO optimized it can be. WordPress is already integrated with the best SEO practices but to take that to a higher level, get this plugin and see the ranking for your website improving by incredible means. This plugin helps you write better content by providing you the most relevant keywords. Besides that, it also lets you analyze your pages. Ensure your website has a secure web hosting provider such as Godaddy. CashKaro.com has exclusive Godaddy coupons to help you grow your site at affordable prices.
  • NextGen Gallery: It can be frustrating managing images along with blog posts and storing them safely. With NextGen gallery, make it a thing of past! The NextGen gallery allows you to batch upload, import metadata, add or delete images, edit them, create albums and much more. It has two front-end display styles that let you change size, timing, effects, controls and more. It has been downloaded over 12 million times.
  • Disqus: Having a blog, you love when a reader comments on your post. Engagement is always good and when it gets easy for visitors to comment, it is all the better. Disqus has grown on to become a popular widget as it helps in developing a big interactive blog community. The comments are SEO friendly as they are indexable by search engines. To get more comments, also make sure you have a beautiful theme on your blog. Get the latest themes at affordable prices when you use bigrock coupons to avail WordPress hosting plans.
  • Better WP Security: As with different platforms, the security of your site depends mostly on you. With increasing attacks on blogs, it is best to indulge in security widgets that help you further intensify the security of your blog. Better WP security lists out over 30 ways for you to protect your website. And all of them are quite easy to adopt. It has a lot of pro features like user action logging, 2-side authentication, GeoIP banning, malware scanning, online file comparison, wp-client integrations and much more.
  • Pretty link: If most of your income comes from your affiliate links, you must have this installed. Heck! Even if you are a beginner in affiliates program, you need to have this widget. With the help of pretty link, cover your affiliate links easily and keep a detailed track on them. It also provides a full report on where do the hits come from.
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