4 Tips for Planning a Great Getaway with a Large Group

The prospect of planning a vacation with a large group might feel overwhelming. As there are many personalities, budgets, and preferences to consider, you might worry about arguments, conflict, or resentment arising during the process.

Yet, choosing a destination, organizing flights and accommodations, and arranging activities and excursions for many people don’t need to feel daunting. Here are four tips for planning a great getaway with a large group.

  1. Appoint One or Two Group Leaders

If you had your choice, you would likely want to sit down and plan a trip as a large group to simplify the process. However, a large mix of personalities and opinions could overcomplicate it. It is often a wise idea to appoint one or two group leaders to organize various aspects of the trip, such as booking flights, accommodations, and activities.

If one person doesn’t want to oversee every aspect of the trip, you may need to divide travel responsibilities among the group. For example, one person could oversee researching flights, and another may need to find the best car rentals, travel insurance, or visas.

  1. Split the Cost with a Vacation Rental

Help a large group’s money go further by considering a vacation rental at your chosen destination. It is a much cheaper alternative to booking many hotel rooms or suites. Plus, you won’t need to sacrifice comfort, style, and luxury. 

For example, if you are planning a fun getaway to Hawaii with your extended family or many friends, you can choose from many spacious, stylish, and private vacation rentals in Maui. It will provide a luxe home-from-home while saving each group a large amount of money. Plus, you could enjoy access to various amenities you wouldn’t receive at a hotel, such as a fully equipped kitchen, separate bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and a washer-dryer.

  1. Communication is Key

Good communication is crucial when planning a vacation for a large group. Before booking flights, accommodation, or activities, you must communicate your vacation research, prices, dates, and times to keep everyone in the loop. 

Once people are happy and you have reached a travel consensus, organize for any deposits or payments to be made to a specific platform to avoid confusion, conflict, or frustration. If people are unhappy, it might be easier for families or individuals to book their own flights, attraction tickets, or accommodation to avoid arguments or resentment before, during, and after a vacation.

  1. Organize Affordable Group Excursions

Traveling with a large group can provide many travel perks. In addition to slashing the cost of a vacation rental, you could schedule an organized tour for your large group, rather than sharing the experience with strangers. Reach out to a local tour operator to organize a bus to transport the whole group to an attraction or activity. Remember, a tour operator might be more willing to haggle on price to secure your large group’s custom. It is a superb way to slash the cost of a wine, cycling, sailing, or walking tour at your destination.

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