4 Steps to Boost Your Blog Traffic


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Writing new blog content weekly can be difficult enough at times, but what happens if you don’t garner enough visitors to your site to make it worthwhile? Thankfully, you can take four steps to boost your blog traffic so you can be sure that people are reading your content.

  1. Write About Topics People Want to Read About

You might be tempted to write content that makes you excited, whether it involves breaking news, topics about your industry, or even something that aggravates you. These types of posts tend to have short lives, which means you might receive a spike in traffic right after publishing, but once interest in the topic fades, your blog traffic will flatline.

The solution to this issue is to write about topics that people are searching for. Begin by generating a SERP. What is a SERP? SERP stands for a search engine results page, which occurs when someone enters a search query. Users enter specific keywords or keyword phrases, and the search engine produces a list of results related to the query. You can type in a relevant keyword or keyword phrase into a search engine and look at the suggested ideas. Finally, choose one that’s ideal for your blog.

  1. Promote Content Effectively

After you hit publish, you might have to wait months for your blog post to move up in search engine results. You can provide your post with instant visibility by promoting it across social channels and within your email list. Getting your readers to interact with your blog posts is important for search engines and can enable you to move up your SERPs much faster. If the post is extremely helpful, you might find experts who will share it with their own networks.

  1. Incorporate Guest Posts

Sometimes bringing in someone else to write content can create an increase in your blog traffic. To find guest bloggers, research blogs with social influence and try to determine how many followers they have. The more followers they have, the more traffic you’re likely to get. Another option is to go to a search engine and type in a keyword you want the guest blogger to cover. The top results might include SEO-friendly blogs that have covered the topic. Either way, reach out to the bloggers and pitch your idea to have them share a post on your site.

  1. Create Evergreen Content

Now and then, it’s smart to create evergreen content as opposed to highlighting breaking news or other time-sensitive information. Evergreen content has continued and sustained success, and it has the ability to generate traffic years after you publish it. Pick a topic that will always pique people’s interest, no matter how many months or years pass. A bonus of evergreen content is that it doesn’t need constant updating, so all you would need to worry about is adding new findings if they arise.

Don’t let your blog go stagnant after you publish content. Generating more traffic is easy to accomplish as long as you remain proactive. Completing these four tasks can reach more users by increasing visits to your website.