3 Key Things Your New Brand Needs


When starting a new company, there are many factors to consider and items to think about. Often, small business owners get stuck when trying to create a to-do list of everything their new business needs, and it can be difficult to prioritize which tasks should come first. Learn about three key things your new brand needs right away.

1A Memorable Brand Name

The best brand names are attractive, meaningful, and memorable, and it can feel impossible to try to come up with one that captures everything you want it to. Fortunately, Nameify’s Brand Name Generator harnesses the power of the latest technology to create a list of names relevant to your industry.

All you have to do is enter at least two keywords related to your brand and select which category is most relevant to your business. From there, the generator will produce dozens of quality names that you can pick from. You can experiment with several keywords and combinations of words, and you can either pick a name directly from the list or use the options as inspiration for your own idea.

It just takes a few seconds, and it’s completely free, so it’s definitely worth a shot!

2An Impactful Domain Name

Now that you have your brand name, it’s time to select a domain name that is either the exact same as your brand name or is consistent enough to prevent confusion in customers when they want to visit your website. Domain names that are relevant and meaningful today may not provide the same impact in the future, but Namify can recommend domain names that are timeless, easy to remember, and fit your budget.

Namify also offers several domains for a deep discount, often as low as $1 for an entire year!

3An Eye-Catching Logo

Aside from brand names, perhaps the most important thing a business has is its logo. Logos tell a story, and that story or personality should be clear within a few seconds of viewing your brand’s logo. Logo design is never easy, but you can get numerous attractive and eye-catching logos from Namify’s free logo designer after you have picked a name for your new enterprise.

This tool allows you to choose from several different logo styles you like, and it then gives you the option to play around with colors and fonts. Once you have picked your brand name and purchased a domain name, you will receive a coupon to claim your free logo in your inbox.

Although there are hundreds of tasks a new small business owner must complete, the above three are the most important when it comes to creating a brand personality that can ultimately attract the types of customers you seek. Coming up with a brand name, choosing a relevant domain, and creating a great logo used to take hours of hard work and a large financial investment, but Namify has made it easier than ever to check these tasks off of your small business to-do list.