15 Twitter Statistics If a You Probably Don’t Know, but Should (Infographic)


Is it accurate to say that you are utilizing the most recent twitter insights as a part of your online networking technique? Is it true that they are offering you some assistance with getting more re-tweets, supporters and activity?

Power of Visuals
Tweets with images get 150% more re-tweets, 89% more favourites and 18% more clicks than those without. Add images in the form of graphs, comics, photos, etc. to your tweets.

Videos Work Too
Tweets with videos get 28% more re-tweets.

Engaging Hashtags
Tweets with one or more hashtags are 55% more likely to be re-tweeted than those without.

Open & Close Quotes
Tweets with quotation marks are 30% more likely to be retweeted than those without.

Display Excitement
Tweets with exclamation points get more Retweets per follower than those without.

Build With Numbers
Tweets with numbers or digits get 17% more retweets.

Most Retweeted Words
The 5 most retweeted words are you, Twitter, please, retweet and post. Find a way to incorporate them in your tweets to get more retweets.

Power of Please
Tweets with the words Please RT, get 3 times more retweets than those without and D tweets with the words Please Retweet get 4 times more retweets than those without. So if you want more retweets, ask for them.

Length Matters
Tweets between the lengths of 71 and 100 get the highest number of retweets.

Bitly Wins
Tweets that contain links shortened using Bitly are 9.28% more likely to be retweeted.

24 Minute Fame
It takes a tweet 24 minutes to receive half of its retweets. This is the pinnacle of all its engagement. Receiving retweets may continue, but it will be incomparable to the initial spark. For maximum engagement, schedule your tweets with 24 minute intervals.

Mention Others
Tweets containing ‘Via’ and ‘@’ have higher click thorough rates on their links. The best way to use the word and the symbol is by mentioning others. So make it a point to mention and credit people in your tweets.

Not at the End
Links placed about 25% of the way through the tweet receive the highest number of clicks. So place your links early on in the tweet, instead of the end.

Time Does Matter
The best time to post on Twitter is between 1PM and 3PM and the best days are between Monday and Thursday.

Share More Links
Users who share more links in their tweets gain more Twitter followers. So share links to a lot of content in your tweets.