10 Amazing Beauty Secrets For Young Girls


Young girls like to experiment with their looks to keep themselves up with the trend that is in the air. Though it is the perfect stage to explore new things to enhance your beauty, there are some secrets that every girl should know to keep looking gorgeous. Apart from making you stand out of the crowd, the following beauty secrets will bring out the best in you.

1. Never avoid sunscreen

One skin care product that every girl must have is a sunscreen. It not only protects your skin from the damage caused due to sun but also keeps you looking youthful year after year. Most women realize the importance of wearing a sunscreen very late in their lives. By that time, wrinkles and fine line becomes a permanent problem and there is no perfect solution to it. Since prevention is better than cure, it is essential for young girls to invest in protective sunscreen lotion and apply it every time they step into the sun.

2. Try makeup products and their shades before buying

The biggest mistake girls make is buying foundation and lip colors without testing them. Such products may vary in shades and some shades may not be suitable for your complexion or face. Ask for samples and try it before you buy them. Remember, the shade that appears pretty may or may not suit you. A wrong shade of foundation may ruin your looks making you appear unnatural or cakey. If you have any skin problems like acne, make sure you test each of your makeup products to understand whether it can aggravate the condition. Stop using any products that are causing allergies or initiating breakouts to avoid further damage to the skin.

3. Always use foundation the right way

Foundations are meant for hiding dark patches and pigmented areas in your skin. Never apply foundation all over your face. Instead, apply foundation in areas that are darker than the rest of your face and try to blend it properly. A concealer may further help in hiding the tough spots which the foundation cannot cover. Never rub concealer, instead pat it gently over the problem areas to get a flawless look. If you have blemishes, pat some concealer over it and set it with a face powder. You will find a more even and natural look by doing this. Apart from this, an oil-free formula for foundation will be beneficial for those who are prone to breakouts.

4. Fighting with acne? See a dermatologist

No matter how well you dress up or makeup, acne can terribly wreck your looks, especially if there is an upcoming event where you need to look flawless. Though acne is pretty common around this age, there could be an underlying cause for it. Thus, it is necessary to see your dermatologist and treat them accordingly so that there is no further damage to your skin. Acne may become a serious concern for some as it leaves behind tough spots when pricked in an unhygienic way. To avoid such a condition, take proper advice from a medical expert.

5. Say bye to bad hair days

Young girls often face the problem of unmanageable mane, especially if they have oily hair. The best solution is using a baby powder to make it less greasy. If washing your hair is not possible every day, apply baby powder near the roots and brush through the length of your hair. It is as effective as dry shampoo and is a cheaper alternative too. It soaks the excess oil from your scalp making your hair manageable and voluminous. Also pay special attention to hair colors and choose them accordingly so that they define your personality and blend perfectly with your natural hair color.

6. Using shampoo and conditioner

Well yes, there is a trick in using shampoo and conditioner on your hair. Remember, shampoo is meant to be applied thoroughly near the roots of hair and your scalp so that it removes excessive oil from the area. If you apply shampoo near the ends of hair, it will make it dry. Likewise, never apply a conditioner near the roots as it will make hair oily. Instead, apply conditioner more towards the end of the hair shaft so that they are no dryness caused after shampooing.

7. Nails say a lot about you

Nails are something that should not be missed. There is nothing worse than chipped nails with patches of dirt near the cuticles. Make sure you keep them clean and well shaped at all times. Even if you do not get much time for a manicure, you can surely see that your nails are of equal length. If you have weak nails which are prone to breakage, try adding vitamins and minerals in your diet.

8. Take care of your skin

No wonder, as a young girl you have the perfect elasticity of the skin that provides you the glowing and dewy look, but still your skin needs care to stay at its best. Regular cleansing and scrubbing will aid you in getting rid of dead cells that may clog the pores and cause acne. Hydrating the skin is equally necessary, especially if you have dry skin. Apply a moisturizer at least two times a day and drink lots of water to acquire a healthy glow. Never forget to remove makeup before going to bed as this is very crucial in keeping your skin in good form.

9. Go natural

There is nothing better than using natural products to maintain your skin. Instead of spending money on highly priced face masks, you can surely make one at home. Homemade masks are not only safe but are more effective. For scrubbing your skin, make a paste by mixing granulated sugar with a drop of oil. Rub it gently over the skin and rinse off. Fruit mashes are beneficial for your skin and can be applied as masks. You may also use yoghurt or honey to nourish and tone the skin.

10. Use less makeup during day

Another secret to beauty is using less and light makeup during day time. You may choose bold shades of lipstick or eye shadow during an event at night, but during the day it is a big no. Heavy eye makeup with an equally bold lip makeup may seem overdone; therefore avoid either intense eye or lip makeup at the same time. Wearing a smoky eye with a dark lipstick together can make you look like a clown. Instead, wear light lip gloss with heavy eye makeup or make your lips bold with no or minimum eye makeup.