Pinpoint accuracy: why your Adelaide construction site needs level lasers


Construction lasers are the building industry’s go-to for pinpoint accurate surveying. They are able to capture a site’s – and object’s – minute details and spatial relationship using its cutting-edge technology.

The model’s scanning technology captures a point cloud image that creates a replica of the scanned field, which is then used to produce a detailed site model that architects and building companies use to complete their designs.

If you’ve been looking for the best construction lasers Adelaide has available, here are five reasons why they are the best for your building site:

1They streamline the design & planning phase

3D levelling models can be easily updated onto the company’s cloud system, meaning they can quickly bring up the plans and compare them to any changes made in the planning phase. Architects can quickly bring up the plans to ensure their design matches that of the survey taken by this highly reliable technology.

Furthermore, this vital equipment can help minimize waste which makes it a more environmentally-friendly option for building companies looking to make the green switch. You won’t have to worry about unnecessary building parts going into landfill and thus increasing your company’s carbon output.

2They actually improve a site’s safety

This imperative technology can actually improve a building site’s safety. How? Because the tech can take a highly accurate reading of the site, ensuring that any potential OH&S hazards are picked and presented in the 3D model. With company safety being one of the most important aspects in building, this important equipment can go a long way to helping ensure your team is safe on the job.

3They create an accurate, high quality survey

Levelling technology is the industry standard for producing detailed information throughout the project’s planning stage. From the project’s beginnings it is important to capture detailed images so that there is no future need for planning changes, and levelling technology produces a pinpoint accurate model for all those involved in planning to work with.

The technology captures a 3D model that essentially alleviates the possibility of making mistakes throughout the planning phase. Having that data at your disposal at all times removes the risk of drafting mistakes.

4They help reduce construction costs

This works in multiple ways. First, levelling technology makes the process much faster, taking an accurate reading in just a few days, as opposed to what might have taken weeks with a surveying team.

Next, knowing the site’s exact distances and dimensions is the perfect way to know how big your prefabricated materials need to be, ensuring you don’t spend money on unnecessary building materials.

Finally, the accurate readings that levelling technology produces ensures that architects, building companies etc. won’t have to keep redoing designs, reducing time taken and, in turn, unnecessary costs.

5They provide fast readings

This technology is designed to be highly mobile with the capability to quickly transfer it between site sections. Furthermore, they provide readings in real time, ensuring that you don’t have to stand around configuring levelling technology for hours when there are other important jobs that need to be done.

6They are some pretty good reasons

As you can see, construction lasers are one of the most valuable pieces of technology you could have at your disposal. Incredibly reliable and state of the art in design and composition, they will help you and your team produce pinpoint accurate 3D models in real time, ready to be presented to architects, planners, many building companies.