Why IBM distributes its know-how to Whirlpool Appliances


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IBM is one of the world’s biggest IT companies that has been working on the technology of the future for a very long time now. As our world is growing smarter and more advanced than ever before, it is important for us to understand how it is going to impact our kitchen. Kitchen tech and innovations are crawling into the market and people are slowly adapting to the new ways. The use of smarter appliances and gadgets in the kitchen has allowed us to lead a more convenient lifestyle and accomplish tasks easily. The use of the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Voice Recognition, and much such high-end technology is a common offering now.

A lot of refrigerators, microwave ovens, and other kitchen appliances can be easily found with these features. Even though they are much more costly than their previous iterations, some of them are absolutely worth it, like the rotimatic roti maker that can make as many rotis you want without any hassles and efforts required.

More About The IBM-Whirlpool Collaboration

IBM is ready to get inside our kitchen. Their recent endeavors have proven that the development teams are working to provide the people with a wide range of more automated tools and appliances. Recently, the IT giant has tied into a collaboration with Whirlpool. Now, these two mega brands are working together to bring more specialist appliances in the market. The main objective of them being – to connect the appliances manufactured by Whirlpool with IBM’s automated services, artificial intelligence, and high-end cognitive analysis management. Other than that, IBM will also work to offer data protection services and solutions to the people in order to provide better-personalized services. This is the right step towards a smarter kitchen.

Laurent Borne, the General Manager of Whirlpool Connected Devices have stated that “We want the consumers to get excellent benefits from the different mobile technologies. Doing so will surely help them to get complete control of their energy and also water consumption. Thus, allowing people to take care of their families in a better way. We would also thank IBM’s expertise in the aspect of data storage and Cloud Computing, we will continually provide our global consumers with the technologies that have been adapted to their needs while allowing them to lead a better and original innovative experience in the long run”. This big collaboration between the two giants will allow the industry to benefit a lot and in the near future, we will see some excellent products that will make our lives easier and more convenient. You can check rotimatic reviews at bbq recipes to know more about it.

What Can We Expect In The Future?

In the last Kitchen Summit in Las Vegas, Whirlpool had a great time showing the world what they are working on. Their showstopper was the Smart Kitchen Suite that included refrigerators, microwaves, and various other appliances. The brand has already been making the most out of the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Voice assistance. They are slowly replacing their traditional lineup of equipment and kitchen technology with smarter versions of the same products in the market.

Only time will tell how both these brands are going to work furthermore and whether they will be able to create a successful kitchen technology lineup and marketing efforts. The idea of smart kitchens is creeping around in many countries of the world and undoubtedly, it is the future. Just that it needs some more time down the line.

Various automated systems and appliances are already becoming very popular like the Rotimatic and many others. So we can only hope IBM and Whirlpool come up with even better and sophisticated gadgets quickly. Only time will tell how we develop the idea of a smart kitchen around the globe.