Under-Sink Water Filters : Everything You Need To Know


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Are you in the market for an under sink water filter? Do you wonder if the price of an under sink water filter is worth it?

Under sink water filters are undoubtedly one of the most convenient options for a constant purified water source supply. However, due to its high price tag, many consumers wonder if it’s actually worth it. An under sink water filter has many benefits over other water purifying options.

Here are a few reasons why under sink water filters are worth the money and why you should install one today.

More kitchen space:

When choosing a water filtration system, especially for your kitchen, space is an important factor. Most households struggle with counter and overall kitchen space. Jug water filters need to be large in order to supply enough water, even if it’s a two-person household. The larger it is, the more counter space it occupies.  Similarly, with large water coolers valuable space in the kitchen is taken up. It is awkward to fit and is not convenient to reach for taller persons, especially if a lot of water is needed. Reverse osmosis water filters can also rob you of valuable cupboard space, a huge negative for any homeowner.

However, with an under sink water filter, it is literally not insight. The filter fits below the sink and takes up almost no space. It’s a lot smaller than either of the options mentioned before and supplied purified water straight to your kitchen sink.

Pleasing aesthetic:

Many homeowners want a water filter that either match their kitchen’s aesthetic or is basically unnoticeable. A jug water filter is large and usually unattractive and made out of a cheap plastic material. Reverse osmosis filters though hidden, have an industrial finish and can be fitted at the back of the kitchen faucet, visible to anyone entering your kitchen.

Less frequent cartridge and water replacement:

Under sink water filters provide a constant source of purified water. However, other options in the market have to frequently be switched. For example, a jug water filter has to often be refilled with tap water throughout the day–this becomes even more often if your household is large or consumes a lot of water. An under sink water filter never has to be refilled and only seldom needs its cartridge replaced. Under sink water filters need to be replaced approximately every six months. Compare that to replacing the cartridge on your jug water filter every two months! This also makes the under sink water filter a more cost-effective option.

Healthier option:


Overall, water filters, on the whole, are the healthier option. However, under sink water filters are especially good at removing toxins because they use water pressure not gravity to push the water through filters. Due to this difference, their filters can be denser and more impurities like bacteria, nitrate and chlorine can be removed.

If you’re now convinced that an under sink water filter is worth it, then check out Vita Smart for their under sink water purifier. It’s one of the most affordable options on the under sink water filter market.

Are you thinking about installing an under-sink water filter for your home in Australia? Under-sink water filters can make a massive difference to the everyday safety of your drinking water, helping remove unwanted and harmful contaminants from the water you consume.

Undersink water filters are extremely versatile and are a great option for families who want access to high-quality, healthy and safe drinking water. Under-sink water filters are amazing as they are clutter-free, commonly fitting under the sink, without interfering with your kitchen or any of the design of the room. All of the components, faucets, and parts of the water filter are all tucket inside the sink closet – removing unwanted clutter from visible parts of the kitchen. 

Aesthetically pleasing:

If you are worried about a large and chunky filter and tap on your kitchen bench – those days are gone! You can now choose from a range of aesthetically pleasing, sleek filtered water tap. Incorporate a traditional or contemporary three-way mixer tap, or even filter the cold water in your existing kitchen tap.

Low maintenance:

Under-sink fluoride water filters are very low maintenance and only need replacements once to twice a year. This will depend on the amount of water you use and how dirty or contaminated the water is. Replacing filters are usually very easy and can be ordered online by many water filter companies.


These filters are also very convenient, supplying you with fresh, clean and safe drinking/cooking water whenever you need it. Filtering out all sorts of impurities in your water, these filters remove fluoride, sediment, dirt, rust, and chlorine from the water you consume. Some high-quality water filter systems are also designed to prevent scale build-ups – preventing damaged kettled, steam ovens and other appliances.


Under-sink water filters are also very easy to install! However, you will need a licensed plumber to install it correctly. It is important that your filter is installed correctly which is why we recommend a professional plumber.

Not only are under sink filters cost-effective, but they are also quite affordable to install compared to other whole-house systems. They are a great option for families who are in need of clean and safe drinking/cooking water. Not only are they great for families but they can also be installed in offices or the workplace.

Do you want safe, clean and good-tasting drinking water? Under-sink fluoride water filters are an amazing option for your home in Australia. There are many water filtration products available online in Australia, making it easy and convenient for you to purchase.