Top Things To Keep In Mind Before Hiring An Employment Lawyer

Hiring An Employment Lawyer

Should you hire an employment lawyer or not depends on the matter of the concern. Working in whichever sector it be, you are bound to follow a few rules and regulations. Sometimes the rules are not ethical or biased. What to do next?

It is essential to keep yourself educated about the legal aspects. Having knowledge about various laws is an enormous thing to do. The best step is to consult with an experienced Silver Spring employment lawyer, if you live in the area. They have expertise in the subject and can help you sail through the process.

How to decide on a good lawyer?

Someone who had practiced exclusively in employment and labour and they can maintain a diverse practice. They should be able to represent certain things like defamation, discrimination, employment contracts and severance negotiations, equal pay act violations, medical leave issues, retaliation and reprisal, sexual abuse and harassment, wage and hour issues, worker adjustment, and retraining notification violations, workplace privacy, and wrong discharge.  

Someone who can work significantly on the above things you will need such as a lawyer. Below are listed some key criteria to choose a good lawyer.

Experience – someone who practiced for years and represented several employers for a specific legal matter and resolved complex disputes and litigation.

Have proper knowledge – focused and practice specifically in employment areas and have a proper idea about federal employment law.

Committed to their work – a reputed lawyer who works with honesty and dedication and someone who is respected by their peers in the legal community.

A few laws that protect employers from discrimination

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964 – this law provides security to working people within the workplace based on caste, origin, race, gender, or sex. It prohibits such kind of discrimination.

Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 – people who are of more than 40 years old these laws help them to get discriminated against in the workplace.

Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 – this act protects people with physical or mental disabilities from being discriminated against during the hiring process.

Civil Rights Act 1991 – these laws enforce other laws should be implemented.

Employers in the private and public sectors are bound to follow the above laws because these laws are extremely important in Maryland. Failing to do so, you can be sued and legal action can be taken against you for violation of the laws.


Apart from these laws, there are certain other things people are bound to follow such as health and safety laws; for instance, the Occupational safety and health act (OSHA). According to this law, it provides certain guidelines and sets some standards, and companies have to ensure that they will follow this. In case someone faces any issue related to employment and labour, you can talk to a reputed employment lawyer and seek their representation and guidance to resolve disputes.

Time is precious and you mustn’t delay finding a legal solution for your disputes. When you get the proper counsel and understand your scope in a case, life becomes easier. Hire an attorney who is transparent and good at communication. Besides niche expertise, their experience and success ratio will matter a lot as a deciding factor in a case.