Top Features on Lake Houses


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If you’re considering look for lake Travis homes for sale, here are some top features to look for. Most importantly, your home should have large windows, with all the essential rooms facing the lake. That way, you’ll never have to miss a sunset. Of course, the same rule applies to any other rooms in the house – you should have plenty of outdoor living space! And if you want to have fun, why not set up a Foosball table?

Outdoor Living Spaces

Most lake houses for sale create a comfortable and entertaining outdoor living space. One way to do this is by adding a covered area. Umbrellas and awnings can help with the weather, but a permanent structure is a better option for long-term protection. Make sure to plan the space around your home and landscaping. You’ll love having a place to sit and relax while enjoying the lake.

Boat Garage

If you spend a lot of time on the lake and you are look for New Braunfels homes for sale, you may want to consider a boat garage for your new home. This feature can be a great asset in keeping your watercraft safe in the off-season, as it will save you time and money by not needing to drive to public boat ramps. You may also want to consider a boat ramp. These facilities can be very convenient in times of emergency.

Games Room

The games room is a popular place for guests to relax after a day on the lake. This lake house has a billiard table with a blue cloth and a shuffleboard table. Both game tables feature straight edges and wide enclosed rails. The lake house’s owners wanted the furnishings to fit with the contemporary aesthetic of the house. The game room is on the lower level, with ample space for a large sofa and pool table.


Book a vacation rental in one of the area’s lake houses for a game of foosball or fun and entertainment games. Many of these homes include a foosball table, perfect for families. This game is fun, and the family will have a great time competing. It also requires a lot of teamwork since you have to work together to hit the ball with your teammates.

Leather Sofas

A leather sofa will add a touch of class to any home. Consider a leather sofa for the ultimate in comfortable seating. This offers fine leather furniture in over forty different colors and styles. This company focuses on comfort for its customers, making its products in the United States. Besides offering comfortable leather furniture, the company provides other types of luxury furniture. If you’re considering buying a leather sofa, here are a few places to get it.

Bistro Tables

The Bistro Table is one of the housewares that players can customize in The Sims 4. This houseware was introduced in the 2.0 Free Update and provided an extra 0.5 development points for your island rating. You can purchase the Bistro Table from Nook’s Cranny for 14,000 Bells or the Paradise Planning office for 12,600 Poki. Moreover, you can change the color of the table’s parasol by using 5 Customization Kits. Furthermore, you can customize the color and pattern of the table by using custom designs.

Water Toys

A floating island is a popular water toy for lakes. An aqua lily pad is a great way to cool off or relax and can be anchored to the dock. Another fun water toy for lake houses is a Maui Mat, a floating mat that is great for sunbathing. One of the best features of this floating mat is its portability. A mat for instance can be used anywhere you can find a body of water and is also helpful for staging if you’re playing water sports.