5 Essential Tips for Pinterest Bloggers


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Tips for Pinterest Bloggers

No Doubt, over the few years, Pinterest has become one of the most popular social networks for promotion and branding activity. When Pinterest first appeared in social media, many of us thought about that it was only for industries like designing, travel, fashion, wedding, and real estate businesses. But after some time, peoples have started using it and understood the importance of Pinterest. It is really one of the effective and beneficial social networks for almost any kind of industry.

Today people realized how beneficial it can be for any kind of industry and any blogging niche. Yes! Pinterest is also the best platform for bloggers. You can find attractive graphics, images, and infographics about blogging. Now you will find lots of bloggers using Pinterest successfully. Isn’t it?

If we talk about social media then one thing always is in the first priority and that is your content marketing strategy. You have to understand your social audience. What type of content your social audience will like? You have to do good content research to make social media campaign better. However, Pinterest is also a good resource to find creative content ideas for your blog. All you have to do is find out other bloggers on Pinterest and track their activities in terms of image and content creation.

1). Always be Active

When you want to connect with your audience, promoting your brand name or at the end attracting lots of visitors to your website then try spending some time on Pinterest, it will be worth spending time here. But before entering into the world of Pinterest let us know some valuable tips that will be of great help for any blogger.

2). Adding Images to Every Blog you Post

If you are a regular blogger then show you are active enough. First thing what you should do is adding images to each of the blogs you post or that you publish on your website. Based on the topic what you are writing on you will definitely get some cool images every time. By creating pinboards you can pin images by yourself to your account.

Pinterest is a wonderful social platform where users share their different wonderful images. Showing your creativity you can be beneficial from this opportunity in different ways. Now a day’s many brands and startups are using Pinterest for business promotion to increase their brand visibility and they are getting a good response too. Pinterest features are best for any brand, especially its paid ad feature.

3). Pinning Content From Other Blogs Too

Never hesitate to pin images of other blogs to your pinboards where you have pinned your images. In the process of doing so you will gain the trust of your audience. Pin other images in your blog help in creating fruitful connections between influencers and other bloggers.

4). Run a Contest

Another important way of attracting tons and tons of visitors quickly is by running a contest or any competition on Pinterest. Go through the rules and regulations of Pinterest so that you don’t violate the terms and conditions of Pinterest. Then choose the appropriate type of competition.

Try to promote your Pinterest contest as vast as you can so that you can attract the maximum numbers of participants. Such competitions will help you market your brand or product too quickly. Within a short period of time, you will be able to attract a lot of traffic.

5). Use Analytic Tool

The Google Analytics tool is a cool tool to find out which pages of your blog are getting the most traffic from Pinterest. Also, you can check out the images which are pinned most. Pinterest strategy can be tweaked with the help of such valuable data.

Not only Google analytics but there are other tools also with which you can analyze this kind of data. Ex. Curalate.

With these simple tips, you can definitely make lots of traffic and avail the full opportunity Pinterest which will successfully guide you towards your goal.