Tips for Entering a New Relationship


Meeting new people is one of the most exciting things you can do in your life – especially when you are connecting with someone on a romantic level, as there is a good chance they will have a significant impact on your life. In fact, if you are in the dating market, this is why you should always be open to meeting new people and putting yourself in social situations.

When you start to get along with someone romantically, you might decide to start working towards a relationship – which, of course, is great. Having a partner to share your time with is something most people will want since humans are social creatures. However, there is a lot to keep in mind in the early stages of a relationship. If you are looking for tips on starting your relationship on good footing and giving it a fighting chance to flourish into a long-lasting love, here are some suggestions that could help you out.

1Kick Bad Habits

Of course, when you are in a long and committed relationship, there are a lot of flaws you might wish to overcome. However, this might not be the case in the early stages of the relationship. When the feelings aren’t as strong, neither is the forgiveness. Even though you could be a great person, it comes down to small variables at times for couples starting out – and one of these could be bad habits.

If you have any bad habits, it might be a good idea to try and kick them out of your system. For example, smoking is a common one that is a turn-off for many people, as it smells notoriously bad, which may send your love interest running for the hills. So, if you are smoking and feel the person dating is put off by it, it could be time to stop.

On the other hand, switching to vaping instead might be ideal because it doesn’t have that gnarly cigarette smell that many people despise. In fact, you can buy vape juice in tons of different flavors that smell fruity and sweet, which your partner might find much more pleasant than smoke.


Sure, putting effort into a relationship is something that is always important. At no stage of your relationship should you feel like you can be lazy in your affection or effort. However, it is very important to show effort at the start of the relationship.

After all, if you aren’t putting that effort in at the start, it tells your partner you won’t put in any effort a few months or even years down the line either. Plan dates, show interest, and show the person that you really do value having them in your life. Initial impressions truly do matter in this sense.

3Don’t be Too Keen

Although showing effort is a good thing, being too keen is also a negative factor. When you are seeing someone new, you don’t want them to be overwhelmed. Be prepared to take things slowly at first – you are both getting to know each other, which means you should avoid making any grand statements or long-term commitments.

Keeping it casual at the start is normally the best way to succeed in a new relationship. Even if you feel like you want them to meet your parents after the second date, it might be better to wait a while first so that you don’t scare your love interest off. Too much too soon is never a good idea!