The Top Three Advantages of Choosing a Carnival Theme for Your Event


The advantages of hosting a corporate event for your employees are readily apparent – it can bring people together and help establish a better relationship amongst your workforce. It’s a brilliant way to relax and have fun. But sometimes, your corporate event can still feel formal and forced, even with the best of intentions. However, there is a way around this, and that’s to plan something with a theme – namely, a carnival theme. Your theme can set the entire atmosphere for your party, and what’s better than a carnival theme where everyone can easily be themselves? But what else can you expect if you choose a carnival theme, and what are its advantages? Here’s what you should know about the top three advantages of choosing a carnival theme for your event.

1Almost Everyone can Relate to a Carnival or Funfair

Granted, there may be a few people in your company who are not too keen about having a carnival-themed event, but almost everyone will be excited. It’s a theme that everyone can relate to, unlike other so-called popular themes such as Hollywood or Bollywood themes or a tea party theme. Almost everyone had spent time at a funfair or carnival at some point, especially when they were younger, and we have fond memories of fairgrounds with various attractions, games, and rides along with incredible carnival food.

2It’s not Expensive

Whilst you can go all out with your carnival theme and hire all sorts of rides, like a Ferris wheel, a carousel, bumper or dodgem cars, and even a roller coaster, it’s still not as expensive as you may think, especially when you compare it to other themed events. The thing about carnival events is that they can be as straightforward or as grand as you want, depending on your budget. If you’d like to keep it a simple and affordable affair, you can opt for a ride or two and a few game stalls, which can often be more than enough to keep your attendees happy. But you can also save when it comes to the food – everyone will agree that the food at carnivals is cheap (yet oh-so-satisfying!), with your choice of carnival treats like hot dogs, popcorn, ice cream, candy floss, and so on. Of course, you can offer more food, but the basics are easy to acquire and prepare. You can even turn to a fairground hire expert that can provide you with everything you need – including rides, food, and game booths and stalls.

3It’s a Theme that Brings Back a Feeling of Nostalgia

Most of us have specific memories of the time we’ve spent at a carnival or fairground, whether it’s riding the carousel with our parents as young kids or driving around in dodgem cars and trying our best to ‘hit’ our friends’ cars. So the feeling of nostalgia people get as they enter the carnival or fairground gates is undoubtedly welcome. If you’re planning a corporate family day, it’s the perfect recipe for a wonderful time for young and old.

With a carnival theme for your event, your attendees will be pleased, and the theme will easily predetermine everything else about your event. The theme itself is already easily recognisable and traditional, and everyone will get it – and enjoy it as well.