The Top 5 Latest Gold Earring Designs to Look out For


It is nothing new how girls love jewelry and by jewelry, it can be anything from gold earring to the gold ring to necklaces and many more. The list is unending. The most common among these are the Gold Earrings. Earrings for such pieces of jewelry which can change the entire look. These are of different shapes and types. Earrings for the little assets which we can’t do without. Most of the women are crazy about buying Golden earring as they are available in different designs.

let us have a discussion on some of the latest trends gold earrings design which are not only beautiful but are also quite cheap and easy to the pocket.

1. Cluster Earring
This special kind of dangers which are not only beautiful buist can give you an entire elegant look. the gold cluster earring is really catchy to the eyes and can do away easily with any traditional outfit. The unique design and exquisite stone works are really fascinating and worth checking out. The beautiful stone designs on top of the earrings change the entire look of the earring. These can be your perfect choice to match up with sarees along with a beautiful gold necklace.

2. Blue Drop Earring
This teardrop kind of earring has a big stone attached to it which looks very shiny when seen from afar off distant. The wonderful and highly intricated gold mesh around the blue stone makes it look irresistible. A small white pearl hangs from it to make it look more dangling. It is not only beautiful but absolutely glamorous. These can be easily paired up with any western or traditional kind of outfit.

3. Chandbali
Well, this is quite a common kind of earring and is possessed by many of us. This piece of jewelry is quite heavy and can be paired up with any light kind of outfit. It will usually go better with a traditional form of outfit. This is intricately designed and carved with stones as well. It can go with any ethnic wear.

4. Peacock Jhumkas
Peacock jhumkas are also quite in trend these days. The classic kind of this jewelry is quite a common and can be worn easily with an ethnic saree. Though, it can be paired up with other forms of traditional wear also but usually looks good with a sari. This kind of jhumka actually has a peacock kind of shape on top of it. If you wear this, you can be sure that all eyes will be turned to you.

5. Gold plated earrings
There is a lot of variety to gold plated earrings. These come in different designs, color, and shapes. They look good in blue, red or green. The colors are mainly due to the use of stones o top of the cold. They are carved beautifully and easily changes the overall look of a person. They are also quite heavy and can be worn with traditional forms of clothing.