Small Business Owners Stand To Profit By Partnering With Amazon

Small Business Owners: With its humble beginnings as the first online bookstore, Amazon has grown into a titan, bestriding the world of e-commerce. Now offering far more than just books, the massive web store has something for everyone.

Small Business Owners

One of the most exciting results of Amazon’s phenomenal success is that it shares its boon with small business owners, partnering with them to provide a highly visible platform for their wares, providing a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with Amazon’s gigantic customer base in order to succeed and grow. The site even has a dedicated become an Amazon seller page designed to help would-be partners learn the ropes! Of the nearly $700 billion the company recently reported in gross merchandise sales, 65% of it was the result of third-party sales! Here are some more reasons why a small business owner or individual entrepreneur should consider using Amazon to facilitate their success:

Credibility and Trust: Amazon’s brand has a proven track record of excellence and reliability. Amazon’s customer service is excellent, they can be trusted to deliver products in a timely fashion, and their return policy is highly reasonable and without any hassles. This well-established credibility extends to its smaller partners, which helps them build their brand and drive sales.

Huge Customer Base: Amazon boasts a worldwide following of over 300 million active users, providing a tremendous reach for partnered small businesses that would be incredibly hard for them to attain on their own, allowing them to reach far beyond their local community to attract customers from all over the world.

Low Entry Barriers: Selling with Amazon is a much simpler prospect than erecting a brick-and-mortar shop. The only things necessary are a great product to sell, a vendor account with Amazon, and a catalog of your products that you can place on their platform. The upfront costs are minimal to nil, and Amazon handles all the logistics like shipping and handling, so you don’t need to concern yourself with that complicated process. 

Global Reach: Amazon maintains operations in over 200 different nations, affording them a truly global audience, which is particularly helpful to those businesses trying to reach niche markets as their products are available to interested people regardless of where they live on the planet. If your specialty is purple glow-in-the-dark yo-yos, then you will be able to reach pretty much every person in existence who could possibly desire one with just the click of a button!

Marketing Tools and Support: Amazon is dedicated to assisting small businesses by promoting their products on its massive platform and provides you with all the tools you need to make it happen with specialized advertising programs and promotional tools. Amazon’s support services are truly excellent.

Australia’s government business page has some useful information for online businesses. Amazon’s platform is an amazingly useful tool for any small business that wants to expand into the modern digital world of commerce. They are truly the ideal partner with your success in mind!

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